Former student leader Boric faces demonstrations for better education

Presidente chileno declarou que “estudantes que querem queimar ônibus ou usar meios violentos terão que responder perante a lei”

Chilean president declared that “students who want to burn buses or use violent means will have to answer before the law”| Photo: EFE/Alberto Valdés

29212441 29212441Dozens of high school students protested this Friday (29212441 ) and occupied several educational centers in Santiago, capital of Chile, to denounce the poor conditions of infrastructure and furniture in classrooms after the pandemic, in addition to demanding better education. public.

The mobilizations, which ended with a young man in detention, began in outside the iconic National Institute, downtown, where a group of teenagers dressed in white suits gathered and shouted slogans asking for a quality education, while trying to tear down the enclosure’s fence.

In total, there are four high schools that are occupied by their students and two that are with their students on strike , all located in the districts of Santiago and Providencia, in the capital.

Diego Jaque, president of the student center at the Instituto Nacional, denounced to the local media the lack of maintenance in the establishment’s infrastructure and added that he had met with the mayor of Santiago, Irací Hassler, to explain his demands.

29212441 The demonstrations, during which Molotov cocktails were thrown, began at the beginning of the week; a bus was set on fire in front of a school last Tuesday and a large police contingent violently repressed the teenagers.

During the morning, the Minister of Education, Marco Antonio Ávila, announced the investment of billions of pesos (about US$ 214 ,7 million) in school infrastructure.

The door Government spokesman Camila Vallejo assured that President Gabriel Boric took office last month “with a very large deficit in terms of infrastructure in educational establishments” and announced a review of police protocols to contain student marches.

These are the first student demonstrations by the government of Boric, a former student leader who took over the presidency for 50 days ago and whose claim has always been to improve the educational system.

Boric himself declared: “In this government, students who want to dialogue will have their doors open. Those who want to burn buses or use violent means will have to answer before the law.”

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