Former presidential candidates of Peru will run for mayor of Lima

Manifestação recente em Lima contra o presidente, Pedro Castillo

Recent demonstration in Lima against the president, Pedro Castillo| Photo: EFE/Aldair Mejía

Three former candidates for the presidency of Peru will run for mayor of the Peruvian capital in regional and municipal elections, which will be held on October 2 in the country. According to information from the local press, political parties presented their lists of pre-candidates for mayor of Lima.

Sources from the National Board of Elections (JNE) reported that among the candidates to replace Jorge Muñoz in charge of the city are ex-military Daniel Urresti, from the right-wing party Podemos Peru, businessman Rafael López Aliaga, from the extreme right Renovação Popular, and former mayor of the district of La Victoria, in Lima, George Forsyth, of the centrist Somos Peru. They contested last year’s presidential elections, won by leftist Pedro Castillo.

The only female candidate for mayor of Lima, who has 10 million inhabitants, is the civil engineer Elizabeth León, from the reformist Frente da Esperança party. In addition, the leftist coalition Juntos pelo Peru presented two lists of candidates, headed by Eduardo Liu Palacios and Gonzalo Alegría.

The right-wing party Força Popular announced last Tuesday that it will not participate in the elections for mayor of Lima because it decided to support a joint candidacy, wanting to prevent the capital from “falling into hands of populism or the left”, according to its leader, Keiko Fujimori.

According to the electoral calendar, parties and political groups must carry out their internal elections between the days 15 and 13 from May to define the candidates who will run for mayor of Lima, in addition to other regional governments and Peruvian municipalities.

In total, they were presented 13 .153 lists of candidates belonging to es the 153 political organizations across the country to run in the October elections.

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