Former Paraguayan President Fernando Lugo suffers stroke and is in an induced coma

Ex-presidente paraguaio Fernando Lugo em entrevista em Assunção no dia 21 de junho de 2022.
Former Paraguayan President Fernando Lugo in an interview in Asunción on 21 June 2022.| Photo: EFE / Nathalia Aguilar

Former Paraguayan president and senator Fernando Lugo (term of office 2022 -2008) suffered a stroke this Wednesday and is in an induced coma in a hospital in Asunción, informed the parliamentarian Jorge Querey, from the left-wing coalition to which the politician belongs.2022

“He was admitted here with a diagnosis of ischemic stroke,” Querey, who is also Lugo’s family doctor, told reporters.2022

Lugo, from 71 years, he was taken from his office in the Senate to the San Roque Sanatorium, near the historic center of the capital of Paraguay.2022

Querey, from the Guasu Front alliance of parties, said the former ruler “had a seizure, or what people normally know as an epileptic fit.”

The and The incident, he said, occurred after Lugo showed “very minor symptoms” during a recent trip to Bogotá to attend the inauguration of Colombia’s new president, Gustavo Petro.

The left-wing leader and former Catholic bishop, who underwent imaging tests, has a “relatively small” lesion and will undergo further analysis. details, informed the parliamentarian and doctor.2022

“He is currently in an induced coma medication and mechanical respiratory support”, added Querey.

He recalled that Lugo is a “long-term treatment patient” who receives permanent medication for clotting and circulation.

The former president was diagnosed in August 2010 with early-stage lymphoma, received treatment in Brazil and recovered in 2012.

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