Former Chinese president withdrawn from Communist Party Congress

Former Chinese President Hu Jintao was forcibly removed this Saturday (22) from the plenary where the closing of the 18 th Congress of the Communist Party of China.

According to information released by the official Chinese press, the former president “did not feel well and his team accompanied him to another room to rest”.

Hu, with a pale face, was escorted out of the compound seconds after the press entered.

Although the former president resisted as he was led away, he ended up leaving afterwards. of being able to question the current leader Xi Jinping, who continued to look ahead, oblivious to what was happening a few centimeters from his back.

The apparent and unexpected case of the withdrawal of Hu, the immediate predecessor of Xi Jinping, drew attention at the end of the Congress, in which the current Chinese leader consolidated his power, perpetuating himself for another five years at the head of the Asian giant.

According to the official press, China’s former president “didn’t feel well”

The state news agency “Xinhua” claimed this evening via Twitter – a network censored in China – that Hu “insisted” on attend the closing session “despite the fact that lately he has needed time to recover”.

“When he was not feeling well during today’s session, his team, for his health , took him to an adjacent room to rest. He is better now,” the tweet states, without further explanation.

Some observers interpreted the case of Hu Jintao’s departure from Congress as actually having been a possible physical discomfort.

Even so, other experts are convinced that the event staged, in a live broadcast, differences from this faction of the Party, which was known for being more liberal, pragmatic and market-oriented.

) BBC report highlights that Communist Party meetings are normally very carefully scripted events. That is, there is speculation that the ex-president’s withdrawal may not have been an accident. It would be the representation of a past being symbolically removed.

Hu Jintao has even been “purged” from Chinese social media. The most recent post where the former president’s name can be found dates from 18 of October, when an account quoted the politician’s words on economic development.

Congress consolidates Xi Jinping’s power in China

Xi Jinping will guarantee, at 69 years, his absolute control over the Communist Party for at least the next five years. The expectation now revolves around who will accompany him in the next five years. The possibility of the emergence of some potential successor in the new summit is also speculated.

The new members of the almighty Standing Committee (7 or 9 people) will be presented to the society tomorrow, Sunday (23), in another side event after a week of meetings behind closed doors in an armored Beijing and under heavy restrictions for journalists due to the draconian measures against Covid-19.

It is known so far that Party numbers 2, 3, 4 and 7, Li Keqiang, Li Zhanshu, Wang Yang and Han Zheng, are no longer in the newly appointed Central Committee, which guarantees at least four new faces for the summit of power.

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