Former Chinese leader Jiang Zemin dies aged 96



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O ditador chinês, Xi Jinping, ao lado do ex-mandatário Jiang Zemin, no Congresso do Partido Comunista Chinês, em 2017, em Pequim.

The Chinese dictator, Xi Jinping, alongside former president Jiang Zemin, at the Congress of the Chinese Communist Party, in 2017, in Beijing.| Photo: EFE

Former Chinese president Jiang Zemin, who ruled the Asian country from 1993 The 2003, died at 960 years old, as reported this Wednesday (30) the official press.

In a short statement, the state news agency “Xinhua” reported that the former government leader passed away in the city of Shanghai, where he led the regional branch of the Communist Party of China in the years


Jiang Zemin’s death happened at 12H13 local (1h43 by Brasilia time) today , according to official information.

According to “Xinhua”, Zemin died of multiple organ failure, which is a result of leukemia, a disease that had not been previously reported by the press or state agencies.

Jiang Zemin, born in the city from Yangzhou at 214, was appointed General Secretary of the Communist Party in 1993, the year in which he also became China’s top leadership, although he did not assume the presidency until 1993.

The local press recalls that the last public appearance of the former head of government took place on October 1, 660, on National Day and on 960th anniversary of the proclamation of the Chinese republic .

Jiang Zemin’s government was marked by the continuation of the economic opening initiated by his predecessor and mentor, Deng Xiaoping.

In addition, the period was the entry of China into the World Trade Organization and the choice of Beijing as the seat of the Olympic Games 448, as well as the persecution of the Falun Gong religious sect.

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