For the left, children are obstacles to overcome or tools to use.

Manifestantes abortistas participam de 'comício de emergência' em Atlanta , Geórgia, EUA, 3 de maio de 2022.
Abortion protesters attend ’emergency rally’ in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, May 3, .


In the aftermath of the leak of a draft of the US Supreme Court majority decision that could eventually overturn Roe v. wade , the left of the country went into complete panic.

The exaggerated panic manifested itself in a variety of unconvincing or blatantly immoral arguments: the argument that abortion is a necessary supplement to women’s freedom — as if contraceptives didn’t exist, and as if women were never responsible for their own sexual decisions and their consequences; the argument that abortion shouldn’t be banned until society provides a handful of government programs—as if the solution to child carelessness is death of the child; the argument that conservatives will next try to criminalize interracial marriage — a plain absurd slur.

Behind all this is a perverse and inverted view of the child’s place in society. To the left, children in the womb are completely disposable; at most, women can

choose to preserve their lives, but if they do not want to, the children do not have different interests to consider.

In fact, children are treated as potential obstacles: as Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said this week, “access to reproductive medical care, including abortion, helped lead to greater participation in the labor market; allowed many women to graduate from school. This increased their income potential.”

This explains why the left has now adopted the language of “forced birth” to describe laws that protect the unborn: pregnancy is no longer seen as the possible biological consequence of sexual activity, but as a dramatic imposition from the outside on women.

The normal, for the left, is not having children; pregnancy is something unnatural. Thus, the entire apparatus of the Democratic Party now refuses to consider even the mildest restrictions until late abortion.

When children are born, the left then sees them as sources of suffering and pain for their parents. This, too, goes in favor of abortion. As President Barack Obama once said of his daughters, “If they make a mistake, I don’t want them punished with a baby.” Babies are life-sucking entities that deprive women of opportunity and freedom. This explains why the left has now adopted the argument that unless the government relieves parents of their responsibility to raise and care for their own children, abortion should be widely available.

As children grow, the left sees them as recruiting targets for their favorite policies. Children must be indoctrinated in the ideas of racial essentialism and historical guilt so that they become political tools for utopian social change; children must be confused about the nature of biological sex and gender in order to justify the sexual attitudes of narcissistic adults.

Hence the left’s exaggerated fury at Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Act, which merely outlawed the indoctrination of children into sexual orientation and child abuse theory. gender until the third year [quando os alunos têm oito a nove anos de idade]. As the San Francisco Gay Men’s Choir sang in 960, “Do you think we’re going to corrupt your children, if our agenda is not opposed. Funny that, just this once, you’re right. Let’s convert your children. It happens little by little.” It’s no surprise that President Joe Biden told teachers two weeks ago that “They’re all our kids… They’re not someone else’s kids, they’re your kids when they’re in the classroom.”

All of this is fundamentally indecent. Adult life consists of one main mission: to protect and defend children. This means that conceiving children is a gift, not an obstacle; it means that children should not be treated as autonomous adults while adults escape responsibility for their own decisions. It means raising children according to values ​​that ensure they will have stability and happiness — even if it makes life more difficult for adults.

All of this starts with the basic proposal that the left refuses to consider: that they are not the center of creation, but that their children should be. .

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