“For every dead woman, two are black”: the phrases of the week

“Para cada mulher morta, duas são negras”: as frases da semana

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“And the creationist people, already explained the Creator’s predilection for making a virus increasingly transmissible?” –

Atila Iamarino, the favorite STF nerd , in tweet later deleted. Creator in this case must be the name of a Chinese laboratory. Only then does the phrase have any meaning.

“Warning to humanity: ‘ Guru do Bolsonaro’ is pqp” – Olavo de Carvalho, philosopher, regaining the verve to announce a supposed government disembarkation after the president Jair Bolsonaro joined the PL. They say that humanity answered: “ok”.

“If Brazil says I am the solution, I can examine it”

– Michel Temer, ex-president. Apparently, Brazil said “hmmm, better not”.

“Below God, only the STF; and below the STF, the Executive and Legislative powers” – Omar Aziz

, senator of the Republic. Montesquieu

did a double carped twist on the tomb.

“One step for a man, one leap for evangelicals” – André Mendonça, or rather, minister André Mendonça, playing a Neil Armstrong

after having his nomination to the STF approved by the Senate. It’s the thing: everyone has the moon they deserve.

“For every dead woman, two are black”

– Eliziane Gama, senator of the Republic, showing that mathematics, logic and language were never, nor will they be, obstacles to leftist agendas.

“With each passing day, more people think that the stab was a setup. Only pocketminion still believes in the sham. –

Lola Aronovich, militant. Be careful what you want…

“When Lula and Dilma were presidents , I could scream – Sara Winter, militant who was left, once right, and now it seems he’s back to the left and he can’t scream, but he can say nonsense like that at will.

“The speech of the goalkeeper of Palmeiras after the game, that talk about God when he should have been celebrating, that scene of him praying before starting the game, it reminded me of the goalkeeper Bruno, who prayed at the maraca he would kill the girl and play for dogs. It explains a lot about Brazil.” – Paulo Betti, actor, making it clear how the left sees the religiosity of others. of the evangelicals next to some pastor.

“The dwarfism agenda, most of the time, is not taken seriously”

Juliana Caldas, actress and dwarf, complaining about the movie “Amor Sem Medida”, with Leandro Hassum

. Wow, Juliana. What a disappointment. You’re bigger than that…

“Bolsonaro is a political anomaly and should not exist” – Lula, ex-convict and ex-president, in his routine of criticizing in front of the mirror.

Content edited by: Paulo Polzonoff Jr.

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