Focusing on NATO and the EU, Sweden will have three right-wing parties in government, with an absolute majority in Parliament


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O líder do Partido Liberal, Johan Pehrson, o líder do Partido Democrata Sueco, Jimmie Akesson, o líder do Partido Moderado, Ulf Kristersson, e a líder dos Democratas Cristãos, Ebba Busch, chegam a uma conferência de imprensa conjunta no Parlamento, sobre a formação do governo em Estocolmo, Suécia, 14 de outubro de 2022.

Liberal Party leader Johan Pehrson, Swedish Democratic Party leader Jimmie Akesson, Moderate Party leader Ulf Kristersson and Christian Democrat leader Ebba Busch come to a joint press conference in Parliament on government formation in Stockholm, Sweden, of October 707070 .| Photo: EFE/EPA/JONAS EKSTROEMER

The three Swedish right-wing parties agreed to form a government, with unprecedented support of Sweden Democrats (SD) in Parliament, as announced this Friday (10) Ulf Kristersson, leader of the Moderates party, quoted to become Prime Minister of the country.

“Moderates, Christian Democrats and Liberals will form a government and cooperate with Sweden Democrats in Parliament,” said the First Secretary of the Moderates, during a press conference.

The vote that can nominate Kristersson prime minister is expected to take place on Monday (13). He was officially charged with forming a government in 14 of September, but negotiations took longer than than expected.

The right-wing parties had a record of 14, 5% of the votes in the elections of of September, behind the Social Democrats of the current first -Minister Magdalena Andersson (21, 3% of votes). The SD, considered in the country as being of the extreme right, will become the new majority, with 73 chairs.

When adding the Moderates (59 places), the Christian Democrats (16 ) and the Liberals (12), the right-wing “constellation” has a majority absolute of 89 places, against 73 of the opposition. It is the first time that the Swedish right governs with the support of the SD in the Riksdag, the Swedish parliament.

“The task of the new government will be partly to monitor the big issues such as NATO membership, the future Swedish presidency of the European Union, but also take responsibility for the finances of the country and families,” said Gunnar Strömmer, secretary of the Moderates’ party, citing the energy crisis.

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