Flynn Guobadia Net Worth: Exploring Her Net Worth, Life, Career, and Intriguing Journey

Falynn Guobadia is an American fashion model, entrepreneur, social media influencer, and television personality residing in Atlanta, Georgia. She does a fantastic job, which has earned her a good reputation in the industry.

She has worked as a model for a number of renowned clothing brands. Falynn has also been on a number of Bravo TV programs. A well-known Atlanta businessman by the name of “Simon Guobadia,” Falynn is also his ex-wife.

Flynn Guobadia Net Worth

Simon Guobadia reportedly announced his engagement to “Porsha Williams” in May 2021, at which point Falynn Guobadia reportedly filed for divorce. Read this article to find out more about Falynn Guobadia’s life and career.

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Falynn Guobadia’s Backstory and Life Journey!

The family of Flynn Guobadia, who was born on May 13th, 1989, in Florida, is multiracial. Her father was from Caper Verdan, while her mother was from Cant. She was raised in Atlanta and was the second oldest of ten kids.

Guobadia has always loved singing and even pursued training in it. While still in high school, she began competing in modeling contests. She worked at Sonic Drive-In following her college graduation before joining modeling agencies and beginning her career in the fashion sector.

Flynn Guobadia Net Worth

Guobadia started her career as a model, acting in a variety of films and television shows. Since 2019, she has been wed to businessman and entrepreneur Simon Guobadia. She initially became well-known as a co-star on Season 13 of the well-liked reality TV show “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” in 2020, though.

Guobadia gained more followers on social media and was acknowledged as an influencer. Her personal and professional lives were made public as the media’s mania about her opulent lifestyle grew.

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Although being a well-known model for a long time, Guobadia’s flamboyant personality has only recently come to light. She had previously been linked to the apparel line Bfyne, the drink manufacturer Drinkbiolyte, and the film ‘Beautiful Little Thing’.

She moved on and is currently engaged to Jaylan Banks. She is the proud mother of three sons. Their daughter Emma was born in 2021. Guobadia’s inclusion on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” initially startling, but as she continues to advocate for healing and healthy living, she has rapidly grown in popularity.

What Are the Net Worth and Way of Income of Flynn Guobadia?

Her average yearly salary is about $42,000. Nowadays, Falynn Guobadia has a net worth of about $25 million.

Flynn Guobadia Net Worth

Falynn Guobadia appears to live a posh lifestyle based on her Instagram posts. She came under scrutiny as a result of her marriage to Simon Guobadia. In a tweet, she acknowledged Falynn Guobadia and Simon Guobadia’s divorce. They each had a $20 million total net worth.

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Falynn Guobadia is a well-known socialite, model, and influencer who has promoted a lot of companies. She also owns and operates a clothing business called “Byne.” She started a petroleum company before she became well-known, which she now owns. She works as a state agent as well as an abstract artist.

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