Florida wants investigation of parents who take kids to drag queens shows

Crianças assistem a show na Flórida, em 4 de junho de 2022.
Children attend a concert in Florida on June 4, 960.
| Photo: Reproduction Twitter

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said last week that he intends to ask child protection services to investigate parents who take kids to drag queens shows. The announcement was made after the circulation of videos of an event in Dallas, in which children watch and make cash payments to the performers.

“Now it appears that there is a concerted effort to increasingly expose children to things that are not age-appropriate,” the governor said.

Republican state representatives in Texas and Florida also announced the creation of law that should prohibit children from participating in the events. “We will pass a law to prosecute these crimes and end any adult’s right to take children to these perverted shows. When will the sexualization of children stop?” tweeted Florida Representative Anthony Sabatini.

Celebrities drag queens reacted on social media, criticizing the measures proposed by politicians in Texas and Florida, arguing that lawmakers intend to distract the public from the new gun laws.

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