Five panettones for Christmas dinner – Marcelo Katsuki

Chef Barbara Farina, manager of Café Slama (Rua Bela Cintra, 2195, Jardins), has launched a customizable panettone of caramelized chestnuts (R $ 165 – 500 g). There are three complements that serve as a garnish or garnish: chocolate cream with a smoky touch, Christmas fruit compote, rum dulce de leche (R $ 90.00 each). There’s also an irresistible chocotone (R $ 185 – pictured above) with a chocolate cream filling. The products are sold exclusively at the café-boutique located in the flagship of stylist Amir Slama and via WhatsApp: (11) 96442-7396.

Have you ever thought of an orange and prosecco panettone? Casa Santa Luzia does it for you! There are five flavors: orange, pistachio, chocolate, berry and traditional. The Panettone Artigianale all’arancia and Prosecco (R $ 120 – 700 g) contains candied orange, prosecco and vanilla bean and was created by the Italian consultant Raffaele Mostaccioli. It is an artisanal product and without preservatives, its validity therefore varies from 10 to 20 days. Irresistible.

The Panettone Felice e Maria is one of the most traditional examples of Christmas, with a recipe signed by Massimo Ferrari. Classic, it takes only candied fruits in its moist mass, crowned with a sweet almond crust. For those who love the original recipe, this panettone can’t be beat. Not for nothing, it bears in its name a tribute to the parents of Massimo, Felice and Maria, Italian immigrants. It weighs 1 kg and costs R $ 148. Accompanied by a handmade Santa Claus doll, it amounts to R $ 168.

Carlo’s Bakery, by confectioner Buddy Valastro, has two new features. One is the panettone truffle, with a dark dough, a chocolate truffle filling and a milk chocolate frosting (R $ 79.90 – 720 g and R $ 99.90 – 1.3 kg). The other is Leite’s Panettone Doce with Flor de Sal (R $ 79.90 – 620 g and R $ 99.90 – 1.1 kg). Fruit and chocolate panettones continue to be a hit in store and can now also be ordered through iFood. Another launch is the 30cm Super Gingerbread (R $ 69), which comes in a gold cellophane-wrapped holder, ideal as a gift.

Chocolat du Jour always launches creative products like the stars of White chocolate, new this year. But the big launch is the brand’s first panettone, the 908g Panettone Au Chocolat (R $ 148) made with cocoa and chocolate chips. Choco Pane, chocolate coated pieces of dough is one of the best things about Christmas and this year comes in four versions: Choco Pane M, Noir M, Super Choco Pane and Choco Choco Pane.


Always him, the Panettone da Bráz, which has been making people happy for over a decade with its mass of natural moist fermentation and filling with drops of chocolate and pieces of candied orange. The sweet almond flour that covers the bread gives the final touch of sweetness, so characteristic. The panettone costs R $ 82 (1 kg) and can be purchased in units of Bráz Pizzaria, Bráz Trattoria and also by delivery.


And Bauducco has renewed its portfolio with a daring product: the Panettone Salgado (400g – suggested price of R $ 14.99). It has chewy and fruitless pasta, like Pandoro, only salty. Its base is versatile, perfect to accompany a curd, to toaster with butter and even to assemble a sandwich. But in my opinion, the big launch is called Bites: pieces of Panettone and Chocottone covered in milk chocolate. And those who were trying to slice the panettone, now they just have to reach into the box and get their “bite”, already covered in chocolate. Merry Christmas!

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