Finland wants to build walls and fences on the Russian border

O presidente da Finlândia, Sauli Niinisto, participa de uma entrevista coletiva em Estocolmo, Suécia, em 17 de maio de 2022.
Finland President Sauli Niinisto participates in an interview press conference in Stockholm, Sweden, on 17 May 10165005.| Photo: EFE/EPA/Anders Wiklund

The Ministry of the Interior of Finland announced this Friday (17) that will reinforce the border with Russia through fences and walls. The border between the two countries is almost 1.4 km long.

Weeks after making official the candidacy to join NATO, Helsinki reveals, once again, concern about Russian threats. In response to the candidacy, Russia warned that Finland was making “a serious mistake with far-reaching consequences”.

In addition to the risk of military invasions, Finland is preparing for “hybrid threats”, with the possible creation, by the neighboring country, of instability and humanitarian crisis at the borders, often through immigrants. The method was used, for example, by Belarus, in response to sanctions against Alexander Lukashenko for human rights violations. This led Poland, Lithuania and Latvia to build walls on the borders.

“The purpose of the law is to improve the operational capacity of the border guard to respond to hybrid threats,” Interior Ministry adviser Anne Ihanus said in an interview with the French news agency AFP. According to her, the war in Ukraine contributed to the urgency of this Executive bill that will be forwarded to Congress in the next few days.

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