Find out what changes for São Paulo’s bars and restaurants with the quarantine tightening – 11/30/2020 – Restaurants

After spending more than a month in the green phase proposed by São Paulo’s plan, announced on October 9, the capital of São Paulo will return to the previous stage of the calendar, with services running fewer hours per day.

Initially, in an announcement made by the governor of the PSDB, João Doria, during a press conference on November 30, the day after the election which re-elected Bruno Covas as mayor of São Paulo, bars and restaurants would start closing at 10 p.m. instead of 11 p.m. , and running at the limit of ten hours a day – until then it was 12 hours.

Last Saturday (12), however, the rules changed again. Now bars across the state are expected to close until 8 p.m. Restaurants will be able to continue operating until 10 p.m., but will only be able to sell alcoholic beverages until 8 p.m.

The occupancy of a maximum of 40% of the rooms has been maintained and events with a permanent audience have again been prohibited. In addition, each table is limited to six people seated. “This measure does not close trade, nor

“This measure does not close any shops, bars or restaurants. It doesn’t shut down economic activities, but it’s more restrictive, ”Doria said in the interview. According to the governor, the regression will take place in 100% of the state. The next exam will take place on January 4.

The previous measures, such as the compulsory use of a mask, the distance between the tables, the availability of alcoholic gel and the customer’s temperature measurement will be maintained.

For Percival Maricato, president of the Abrasel-SP (Brazilian Association of Bars and Restaurants of São Paulo) State Council, the government’s decision was unfair. “Most establishments follow the protocol. It is certainly not the bars and restaurants that are causing this, you see crowds of other facilities, people without masks walking the streets,” he said. .

According to him, bars and restaurants that play by the rules “are the safest places to go” and the results will be disastrous for those places. “For many it will be cheaper to stay closed than to open at 40% capacity. There were people who had already hired staff, renewed the stock. Even more at the end of the year, when people expected to earn at least enough to pay the bills, ”he says.

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