Find out how Alex Atala’s new restaurant, Nóix, works exclusively for delivery – 12/09/2020 – Restaurants

One of the most well-known names in Brazilian gastronomy, chef Alex Atala has just opened a new restaurant in São Paulo – Nóix, which started its activities last Thursday (3).

Despite the contribution of the Atala brand and the DOM group, the new house is far from haute cuisine. It is, in fact, a dark kitchen, that is, a kitchen that works exclusively for delivery. The idea of ​​the menu is to offer dishes specially designed for travel, with a concept created for delivery.

Accessible via the Rappi app, the operation is focused in the kitchen of Dalva e Dito, Atala’s restaurant located in the Gardens region, west of São Paulo. The concept and the dishes were developed by the chef alongside Caio Costa and Rubens Salfer, also from the DOM group

The concept remains in the Nóix. The first menu is a tour of references and flavors – there is a bit of Mexico, a bit in China, another in Japan, Brazil, main brand of Atala cuisine, is also there, but it seems little . A few cents at this point

The idea is that the menu is editable. If you have guacamole today, baba ghanoush can be offered next week. Lamen in one day, pasta in another. Etc.

“Our number one rule is freedom. We will be eclectic and we will play with the menu: from ingredients to visual identity “, defined Atala in the press release. The visual part is signed by the Portuguese designer Mariana Malhão.

Currently, although the menu does not change, the menu offers two salads – the one named after the house, for example, combines American lettuce, arugula, fried chicken, pickles with red onion, cilantro and peanuts and costs R $ 34.

Another feature is the prices that are not exorbitant. Among the snacks there is Mexican guacamole (R $ 24), which can be accompanied by totopos (R $ 8), chili (R $ 16), sour cream (R $ 10) and chicharrones, a type of crackle, baniwa Amazonian pepper caramel (R $ 8).

There are also two versions of bao, the steamed Asian roll. One has a touch of Brazilian, filled with braised termites and combined with wasabi mayonnaise (R $ 18). Another brings an egg and mushroom salad (R $ 16).

The main scene suggests the Japanese pork broth lamen (R $ 42), in addition to a fried chicken sandwich (R $ 24).

Finally, we finally arrived in Brazil – the brigadeiro to harvest with paçoca costs R $ 12.

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