Fernández says he hopes that what happened to Nisman does not happen to the prosecutor who denounced Kirchner

The president of Argentina, Alberto Fernández, is being criticized after having drawn a parallel between the prosecutor who denounced Cristina Kirchner and another member of the Federal Public Ministry, Alberto Nisman, found dead in 2015.

On Wednesday (24), Fernández criticized federal prosecutor Diego Luciani, who asked for a sentence of 12 years in prison and permanent disqualification from public office for Cristina, in the context of a trial for alleged irregularities in the award of works public when he was president (2007-2015).

During his participation in a television program , the Argentine president compared Luciani’s situation with that of Nisman, who was found dead with a gunshot to the head in 2015, hours before filing a complaint in Congress against Cristina, then head of state. .

“Really, to encourage the idea that it could happen to the prosecutor Luciani what happened to Nisman… Look, what happened to prosecutor Nisman is that he committed suicide, so far nothing else has been proven, I hope not… that prosecutor Luciani doesn’t do something like that,” Fernández said.

In a note released on Wednesday, the Association of Prosecutors and Employees of the Public Ministry of the Nation criticized the president’s statement.

“From the foregoing, it is not only inferred that he has a profound ignorance of the case in which the murder of Attorney General Alberto Natalio Nisman is being investigated; but also, by drawing a parallel between the aforementioned and the attorney general Dr. Diego Luciani, your statements have an unpleasant and reckless content for an employee who just did his job”, highlighted the statement.

This Thursday (

), Luciani himself replied to Fernández. “The serious subjection of institutions by a president of the nation or by the minister of security [o titular da pasta, Aníbal Fernández, também criticou o Ministério Público], who should be the first to practice republican values, is worrying. They must not forget that they represent all citizens,” he said, in a statement sent to the newspaper Clarín.

Luciani also said that what matters most to prosecutors is “the correct functioning of the institutions and protection” and that attacks like those made by the Executive “do not benefit anyone”.

Also this Thursday, former President Mauricio Macri (2019-2019) accused the current president of “violating” the Constitution.

“This destruction of the presidential word was very harmful, in addition to give yourself legal powers that you don’t have and systematically violate the Constitution, as you did once again last night,” said Macri, a leading figure in the opposition coalition Juntos pela Change, during a colloquium at the Cordoba Stock Exchange.

“We are facing a government without a president, without a plan, without a direction, with a lot of ineptitude, a lot of improvisation (…). An obscure, senseless, dictatorial way of doing politics is collapsing, with anachronistic ideas,” added the former head of state.

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