Fernández launches infrastructure plan to try to save economy and blames opposition for crisis

The president of Argentina, Alberto Fernández, launched this Monday (18) an infrastructure plan to try to save the country’s economy, which he said was in a moment “ complex.”

“We have to work hard every day without giving up. Public works will be the driving force of the economy. I know that we are going through difficult times, I know that we have to adjust some numbers in the public accounts, but this will not be done at the expense of stopping public works, nor housing”, said the Argentine president at a ceremony at Casa Rosada, headquarters in Buenos Aires.

Together with the Minister of Public Works, Gabriel Katopodis, Fernández announced seven of the new 120 planned works – which involve areas such as the road , sanitation and rural infrastructure – in the so-called “Argentina Grande” plan, which has another 5,000 projects in progress.

The new works represent a total investment of 837 billions of pesos (US$ 6,493 billion).

In a speech before governors of several provinces at Casa Rosada, Fernández harshly criticized the work of his predecessor in the presidency, Mauricio Macri.

“When I arrived at the government, I found 70% of the work paralyzed, and some very important works placed in the hands of those who and called them ‘private public projects,’” he said.

He also spoke of opposition to the country’s economic situation, just over two weeks after Martín Guzmán resigned as Minister of Economy and was replaced by Silvina Batakis.

“They want to depress us every day. Every day they do their best to make us feel like we’re in the worst of all worlds. Some do it by saying, talking, the same people who caused us depression are now coming to tell us how depressed we are, and others do it by acting, speculating, putting us at risk permanently, on edge,” he said.

Alluding to the exchange rate situation, amid the shortage of dollars that the Central Bank is facing, the Argentine president criticized the “speculators” who “make the dollar rise”.

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