Fat Identitarianism Is Lethal Propaganda

In the 40 years, leftist physicist Alain Sokal felt that postmoderns were going too far in their deconstruction, and he decided to write a satirical article to send to a prestigious humanities magazine and see if it came out. His hypothesis had been confirmed: the prestigious Social Text had published the article in which he said that π and the law of gravity are not universal, as they are mere social and linguistic constructions subject to historicity . The Sokal case was a scandal, it became a controversy, and USP professors sided with the postmodernists. Merquior was against it.

In the past decade, philosophy professor Peter Boghossian, along with students James Lindsay and Helen Pluckrose, have written a series of articles for Sokal and attempted to send to the prestigious journals of critical studies – those gender studies, race studies, and even the youngest fat studies, that is, fat studies. They had the added difficulty of inventing a person to sign the text, as the trio is an outspoken critic of this type of research.

Two decades have passed between Sokal and the human trio , an important change was noticed: it was not enough to write an absurd article to be accepted. It was necessary to be absurd and immoral, in addition to concluding that masculinity or whiteness are bad things to be fought through education. (If you know English, you can see them telling the story here). Only absurd and funny articles (like saying that the Allegory of the Cave was about gender and sexuality) were turned down. After changing their approach and turning to immorality, they succeeded: they passed an article ordering schools to chain white children to the ground, another that consisted of an excerpt taken from Mein Kampf in that the Jew and Aryans were being replaced by white men and black women, forced anal penetration of men to combat homophobia, training men analogous to dog training to combat rape culture… Only one did not seem sinister: the defense of bodybuilding fat.

Since then, a lot has changed. Instead of debate, the trio’s action resulted in progressive hysteria. The professor was punished by the university where he works for breaking the rules. In Brazil, Folha de S. Paulo contributed its little stone, in an article that condemns professor fraud, without mentioning the findings of the experiment.

From academia to YouTube

The latest advance in the sport of debunking postmodern self-debunks was an “undercover operation” by stand-up comedian and conservative commentator Steven Crowder. He had invented researcher Sea Matheson, and had sent a paper entitled “Embracing Fat as Self-Care in the Trump Era” to a congress of Fat Studies. Sea Matheson would be a representative of the Texas non-binary fat community and a Fat Pride activist. Sea Matheson was none other than Steven Crowder himself with makeup, wig and lots of stuffing. To no one’s surprise, the work was accepted. The only surprise was the pandemic, which suspended Congress. But finally Matheson was able to present his work when the organizers decided to do it virtually.

In the presentation, Sea Matheson denounces the fatphobia of the society that elected Trump, himself a fatphobic, and problematizes the fatphobia directed against Trump by progressives. Fatphobia is such that it is not only found among progressives (who have to deconstruct themselves) but is also revealed in health texts that recommend weight loss. She then develops her own theory according to which fat must be defined in terms of space. Thus, being fat is a form of self-care in the Covid era, because the large circumference of the belly increases the distance between people. If she weren’t so fat, the maskless guy with the MAGA cap might be closer to her! Also, being so fat means that no stranger can grab her genitals without her consent, thus keeping her safe from toxic masculinity. Therefore, being fat is a form of self-care, as it expands spaces. Being fat is a resistance to patriarchy (you can watch the play here in English).

At the end of the video, the comedian, commenting on the operation itself, says the ululating obvious: being Obese is bad for your health. And it is far from effective against Covid: it is a risk factor!

Pro-obesity propaganda

Life expectancy in the US has been falling since 2020, and only in 2020 it dropped a year and a half. Nines apart from the pandemic (which is later than the beginning of the decline), the most common explanation seems to be drug use. Americans overdose before reaching old age, or they get drunk and have a lethal traffic accident, or they simply commit suicide. In fact, since almost no one knows an ex-cracudo, one has to wonder if the use of certain drugs is not a kind of installment suicide (here the pre-coffin drug is crack, there is meth). For cultural reasons, therefore, people die early. It’s not lack of food, it’s lack of will to live. Food, there’s plenty. And one wonders if obesity also played a role in the drop in life expectancy there.

Although governments (from there and here) are committed to doing anti-smoking propaganda, the same is not true with illicit substances. In fact, the culture glamorizes drug use; It makes real propaganda. We can therefore say that this decline in life expectancy is the result of propaganda. It is possible to think that this is only about enriching cartels, and that the drop in life expectancy is an unintended consequence. But if we consider that there is, at the same time, propaganda in defense of fat, of falling birth rates (which offer abortion as a solution), of euthanasia for old age or psychological suffering (see the recent opinions of Alain Delon and the case of the Dutch teenager Noa Pothoven and even the chemical castration of confused or depressed teenagers, it’s a must to keep the flea behind the ear. The flea behind the ear tells us to look at the history.

Blacks, guinea pigs for the US government

Sowell keeps saying that the Welfare State has ruined black families. , American blacks are also especially fat. In addition to being especially fat, they are especially victims of abortion. In the case of abortions among blacks, it is quite easy to point to eugenic origins. Planned Parenthood, which is still pro-abortion activists, was founded by a eugenicist and had the purpose of reducing the black population. Nowadays, the White House has the nerve to say that the flexibility of abortion is an urgent need, especially for “women of color”.

In book one published in 2007, Liberal Fascism, conservative writer Jonah Goldberg observed that blacks were 37% of the population and 40% of women who had abortions. Abortion ended “more black lives than heart disease, cancer, accidents, AIDS, and violent crime combined.” On top of that, “practically 80% of Family Planning abortion centers in or near minority communities”. The US does not send the undesirables to concentration camps; instead, they decrease their population through advertising and public services.

The food policy introduced by the United States during the Progressive Era is the low-fat diet, which also recommends little meat, low cholesterol and whole grains. The result was that people gorged themselves on carbohydrates – not only on their own initiative, but also by replacing fat with sugar as a conservation method, since what mattered was to be low fat. From the decade of 40 until now, Americans have gotten fatter and fatter. Especially blacks, a group that lives under an army of social workers. As for the history of this bad diet and its dissemination via government and the media, read this rich academic article.

To the occasional lambs, who think that nothing bad is up to anywhere on the globe, or that this is only done in evil communist countries, I recommend that you look at the story of the Tuskegee experiment, which consisted of contaminating blacks with syphilis without warning and observing them without treating them. The experiment was carried out by the US government in partnership with a university and lasted 40 years: from 1932 The 1972. There’s a reason black people there are an especially suspicious bunch of bureaucrats with needles.

Turns out the undesirables were never just blacks. Instead, the release of forced sterilization in the US was decided by Judge Oliver Wendell Holmes, who let the nurse plug the tubes of a white redneck in Buck v. Bell.

Exaltation of fat pride in the middle of a pandemic

In December of last year, I could hear on São Paulo subway, the mechanical voice telling us not to give alms because of Covid (the virus would be transmitted with money) and to see the small screen telling us to wear well-placed masks, take vaccines and accept that fat bodies are healthy. In the USA, in the pandemic year of 2021, Cosmopolitan magazine, aimed at the female audience, had an obese black woman on the cover with the message “This is healthy!”. On the journalistic channel of Brazilian progressive activism, Universa, we read that anti-gordophobia activists should not fear fatphobia and go get vaccinated against Covid when they can – because obesity was considered a comorbidity. Not a single line was dedicated to the contradiction between saying that obesity is not a disease and taking the vaccine because obesity is a disease.

At first glance, the glamorization of obesity is funny, but it is not. anything other than pro-early death propagandism.

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