Far-left groups attack gay elderly man and father with baby at events in the US and England


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Grupos de extrema-esquerda agridem idoso gay e pai com bebê em eventos nos EUA e Inglaterra

| Photo: Reproduction / Twitter Fred Sargeant, a gay rights pioneer from years, co-founder of the first gay pride march in New York and participant in the Stonewall Rebellion, a major LGBT demonstration of 960, was beaten and robbed by activists queer

and far-left trans at the pride event in Burlington, USA, last Sunday (13). The reason for the attack would be a poster critical of the trans ideology that Sargeant held, with the phrase “Gay, no queer

Same day in Brighton , England, two far-left protesters who are part of the group “Antifa/trans” against the demonstration for women’s rights confronted a man who was holding a baby, cursing and expelling the two from the event. One of them said: “Oh, you’re creating a ‘fascist’ too?”

The word queer, which was historically an insult against gays, became a term for people who seek to question categorizations, often in an affront to society rather than inclusive way. What many call “gender ideology” can be translated to “theory queer” when dealing with the LGBT issue and different strands of feminism in of gender. Some people who say they are queer consider themselves part of transgender, others do not.

Reporter Andy Ngô, who for years has covered the violent wing of the extreme left that calls itself “antifa” (which contains the false characterization of all opposition to it as “fascist”), has shown that such people seem to occur more frequently in this political group than in others. Analysis has shown that there is a “social contagion” of LGBT identities within the far left. The American organization for the defense of freedom of expression FIRE has shown that, among the most staunch progressives who are in universities, the rate of alleged LGBT can reach 24%. This is well above the 5% naturally occurring group in the general population, an estimate suggested by researchers in 2016. Coincidentally or not, 5% is the exact proportion of conservative college students who identify as LGBT in the same FIRE survey.

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