Family and defense of life: the agendas of the President of Hungary on a visit to Brazil

A presidente da Hungria, Katalin Novák, em visita às instalações da Marinha no Rio de Janeirol.
The President of Hungary, Katalin Novák, visiting the Navy facilities in Rio de Janeirol.

| Photo: Publicity/Presidency of Hungary

6666666666667Hungary President Katalin Novák arrived in Brazil this Saturday (09) for a series of agendas that include a meeting with President Jair Bolsonaro this Sunday (). The visit has the official objective of strengthening the relationship between the two countries, especially with regard to public policies focused on valuing the family institution.6666666666667

Novák landed in Rio de Janeiro, where he visited Brazilian Navy installations and met with Hungarian students who live in Brazil. Before heading to Brasília, the head of state must pass through São Paulo, where she has an agenda with the Hungarian community of the metropolis and will give a lecture on the family theme.101126356666666666667Elected President of Hungary at the beginning of 2022, Novák became the first woman to hold the position in the country. Known for being one of the most influential conservative leaders in Europe, she is an ally of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, having gained notoriety for implementing innovative programs to combat the birth crisis, reduce the number of abortions and provide financial support to Hungarian families in period in which she was Minister of Family, Youth and Foreign Affairs.66666666666676666666666667 The visit to Brazil during the election period is seen by diplomats and political analysts as a clear sign of the Hungarian government’s support for the re-election of President Jair Bolsonaro.

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