Evil Dead Rise 2023 – Cast, Release Date, and Everything You Need to Know About the Upcoming Horror Film

Horror fans are anticipating the imminent release of “Evil Dead Rising,” the newest installment in the Evil Dead franchise, which has been a mainstay of horror film for decades.

New Characters, New Location

In contrast to earlier movies in the franchise, “Evil Dead Rising” has a brand-new cast in a brand-new setting. This episode takes place in a small, abandoned apartment block rather than the typical cabin in the woods.


The new environment has received attention for its cramped and scary perspective of the Deadites takeover. In a scenario that amplifies the tension and terror, viewers might anticipate seeing victims being eliminated one by one.

“Evil Dead Rising” is being directed by Lee Cronin, who is most known for his work on “The Hole in the Earth.” The new “scream queens” have received plaudits for their performances and will undoubtedly return to the horror film industry. Although Bruce Campbell no longer plays Ash Williams, the protagonist of earlier movies and TV shows, a cameo appearance is always a possibility.

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Runtime and Gore

The franchise’s longest movie, “Evil Dead Rising,” clocks in at 96 minutes, but it still manages to capture the series’ fast-paced, entertaining vibe. Every moment counts towards the climax because the runtime is short. Fans of the series may anticipate seeing the same insanely gory sequences that have helped the series become so well-known.

Early Reviews and SXSW Screening


Critics have given “Evil Dead Rising” favourable reviews after early viewing, praising the new setting and characters. According to the festival schedule, the movie was shown on March 15, 2023, during South by Southwest, providing lucky fans a preview of what’s to come.

Theatrical Release

“Evil Dead Rising” finished filming in October 2021 after a protracted production that began in 2019. To the pleasure of fans, the movie’s theatrical release was decided upon instead of its initial HBO Max streaming release. It is anticipated that the choice to distribute the movie in theatres will benefit it in the long term and provide horror lovers with the full cinematic experience.

The spin-off movie, whose theatrical debut is set for April 21, 2023, features fresh people and a new setting for the Deadites to torment. All you need to know about “Evil Dead Rising” is provided here.

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Cast and Characters

In addition to Lily Sullivan and Alyssa Sutherland, Gabrielle Echols, Morgan Davies, Nell Fisher, Mia Challis, Tai Wano, Jayden Daniels, Gabriel, and Billy Reynolds-McCarthy also appear in Evil Dead Rise as Bridget and Jake, respectively. The film promises to have a unique plot from the previous movies.


Evil Dead Rising will be “a entirely fresh take on Evil Dead,” according to the franchise’s creator Sam Raimi, who also predicted that the movie would “weird people out.” While not acting in Evil Dead Rise, Bruce Campbell, who originated the role of Ash Williams, will serve as the film’s executive producer.

Evil Dead Rise Plot Details

Beth’s trip to her sister Ellie’s flat to talk about her pregnancy and see Ellie’s three kids is essential to the plot of Evil Dead Rising. The Necronomicon is located in one of the vaults that was left behind from an old bank where Ellie’s apartment complex is located.

Following a local earthquake, a curious youngster finds the Necronomicon, which unleashes the Deadite monster on both the family and the residents of the apartment block.

Evil Dead Rise Trailer

The Evil Dead Rise trailer, which is packed with all the gore and inventive use of common objects that fans have come to expect from the Evil Dead franchise, promises that the movie will be as violent as any of the previous installments. The interactions between the small children and their aunt serve as the film’s scares and plot points.

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As violent and horrifying as its predecessors, Evil Dead Rising is a highly anticipated entry to the Evil Dead series. Even though the cast and plot are entirely new, it nonetheless pays respect to the franchise’s beginnings.

Fans of the property may be confident that the movie will be true to the series while offering a unique perspective on the plot thanks to Bruce Campbell’s involvement as executive producer. The movie is scheduled for release in the summer of 2023, and fans can’t wait.

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