Everbrew launches New Zealand Hops series and gets Club Signature – Full Glass

Nelson Sauvin is one of the master brewers’ favorite hops. Of New Zealand descent, it has been causing a sensation in the midst since arriving a few years ago, with its characteristics that resembled the grapes used in Sauvignon Blanc wines.

Since it was produced on a small scale (which also made it more expensive), Nelson Sauvin has always been contested by Brazilian breweries. Nowadays, this production has increased (amen), and so experiments with hops have multiplied.

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Everbrew, from Santos, has successfully launched his Nelson in Love in the past. Now he uses a fresh harvest of Nelson Sauvin, from 2020, to breed Nelson in Love and mix it with other hops. Thus, the brewery is launching a series of four labels. There are four New England IPAs, or Juicy IPAs – a more lemony and refreshing lager in India, with less bitterness than the original. All are available in 473ml cans and have 7.5% alcohol content, but with slightly different characteristics:

Nelson in Love – The original, a single hop (made with a single hop), with hints of green grapes;

Nelson in Love Motueka – combines New Zealanders Nelson Sauvin and Motueka, acquiring the aroma of lime;

Nelson in Love Citra, Mosaic and Galaxy – here the hops are combined with American and Australian classics, which provide the aroma of yellow fruits;

Nelson in Love Southern Cross – again blends only New Zealand hops, with tropical fruit characteristics;

Membership Club

In addition to launches, Everbrew fans can opt for the all-new Signature Club, available on the Cerveja Box website. There are two monthly subscription modalities: Ever News, with two launches that can include seasonal labels that come from leave the tank; or Ever Aclamadas, with the brand’s favorite titles (including Nelson in Love, for example).

The value of both options is the same, starting at R $ 64.90, with two cans. And you can find them directly at

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