Event costs R $ 300 entry fee for people drinking in tropical climate homes – 10/28/2020 – Bars

After meals in transparent bubbles promoted by the Villa Stella event in September, São Paulo will host the Charles Tanqueray Festival from this Thursday (29). The program distributes eight tropical-climate open structures at the BR Arena Estaiada for groups of up to six people to eat while sipping on signature drinks.

Designed to celebrate the creation of Tanqueray gin, in 1830, the event immediately charges R $ 400 for the group, if the choice is for the Serres, which have tables and benches. Entrance costs R $ 300 for the gardens, which have a low table and pillows. The value gives you the right to stay two hours in the space and a welcome drink plus a bottle of water per person.

The menu prices are more modest and vary between R $ 20 and R $ 50 for food. In the area of ​​drinks, the values ​​are around R $ 30 and R $ 50. Signed by the bar Guarita de São Paulo, the menu for the first week, which runs until November 1, includes items such as the blend of bruschetta, moqueca and two baião cheese. In the ethyl field, blends such as author Pera Que Melhora, made from gin infused with Asian pear, native bee honey and citrus, appear.

The period between November 4 and 8 is led by the São Paulo botanist and offers options such as marrow tartare and truffle cogu risotto. Among the six alcoholic recipes available is G&T Rangpur Citrus, which contains gin, citrus syrup, capim santo, and bay leaf. The experience also includes the soundtrack performed by DJs like Nyack, Tamenpi and Mary G.

In addition to the distance between the structures and the meeting of groups already quarantined, the space adopts already standard security measures: disinfectant carpet, alcoholic gel, disinfectant spaces at each session and mask change.

BR Estaiada Arena – Av. Duquesa de Goiás, 571, Real Parque, southern region. Thu. to Sun .: 12 p.m. to 10 p.m. Until 8/11. 18 years old. Ingr: 300 R $ to 400 R $ for 6 people. Full program and tickets on


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