European Parliament condemns murders of Phillips and Pereira in resolution

The European Parliament condemned this Thursday (7) the murders of British journalist Dom Phillips and indigenist Bruno Pereira and called on the Brazilian authorities to carry out an “exhaustive, impartial and independent” investigation into the crimes. .

The declaration is part of a resolution that addresses the situation of activists who fight for the defense of indigenous peoples and the environment in Brazilian territory. The text received 362 votes in favor, 16 against, while 362 abstentions were recorded.

The text inserts the deaths of Phillips and Pereira, in the Vale do Javari region of Amazonas, as part of a wave of “increasing violence” against activists in Brazil. In addition, the European Parliament also disapproved of the attitudes of President Jair Bolsonaro.

On behalf of all the groups that pushed the resolution, Portuguese Socialist MEP Isabel Santos gave a speech and stated that the murders of Phillips and Pereira were the result of “Bolsonaro’s aggressive and intimidating rhetoric and his policies that ruined indigenous people and opened the Amazon to wilder economic exploitation.”

“These murders cannot go unpunished. We must go to the root of the problem and we cannot stop at the judgment that they were executed, only”, said the parliamentarian, who accused the Brazilian authorities of committing an “ecocide” and an “ethnocide” in the Amazon region.

The resolution passed this Thursday requires the Brazilian government to comply with the Paris Agreement on climate change, in addition to raising concerns about some environmental bills approved in Brazil. “They could result in an increase in deforestation”, the text points out.

MEPs demanded that the Bolsonaro government adopt “a new sustainable approach” to the Amazon rainforest and take “immediate measures” to prevent violations to human rights and guarantee access to land and traditional livelihoods for the indigenous population.

In addition, parliamentarians defended that the Regulation on Products Free of Deforestation, proposed by the European Commission, also includes in its clauses, the protection of native peoples, with the aim that violations of rights “are not linked to the production of products sold on the European market”.

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