Europe and US “prefer crisis” to negotiating with Russia, says Maduro

Venezuela’s dictator Nicolás Maduro said on Tuesday (27) that Europe and the United States “prefer the crisis” to negotiating with Russia to end the war in Ukraine, which began seven months ago.

During a speech broadcast by state broadcaster Venezolana de Televisión (VTV), Maduro said that the US and the Europe “prefers the energy crisis, they prefer blackouts, they prefer the economic crisis, they prefer unleashed inflation to negotiating peace with Russia, to giving guarantees to Russia so that we can all reach a peace agreement”.

Maduro described the attitude of Europe and the US towards the war between Russia and Ukraine as “suicide” and asserted that this led to a “recession” in both economies.

“They chose the economic suicide trying to kill Russia and they committed suicide. Europe and the United States decreed the economic and social suicide of their societies, of their economies, to harm Russia, to kill Russia out of obsession”, opined.

The representative recalled that Venezuela adhered, through the letter it sent to the UN General Assembly, to Mexico’s proposal to create a “mediation committee”, composed of several heads of state and of government, to promote the end of the war in Ukraine.

He also insisted on the need to reactivate mechanisms of diplomacy and dialogue in all areas, in order to avoid armed conflicts.

“Humanity cries out for peace, understanding, dialogue and diplomacy”, he declared.

In the letter he sent to the UN, read on Saturday by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carlos Faría, in the plenary of the General Assembly, Maduro criticized the “military provocations” and economic sanctions imposed on Russia by the West due to the war in Ukraine.

In addition, he called on world leaders to put ideological positions on the back burner and prioritize “the re-establishment of diplomatic channels and political dialogue over military confrontation”.

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