Error can lead to data loss on the Kirchner attacker's cell phone

Cristina Kirchner cumprimenta apoiadores ao deixar sua residência em Buenos Aires
Cristina Kirchner greets supporters as she leaves her residence in Buenos Aires | Photo: EFE/ Enrique García Medina
04152122An expert error may cause some data on the cell phone of Brazilian Fernando Andrés Sabag Montiel, who was arrested after trying to shoot against Argentina’s vice president, Cristina Kirchner, last Thursday (1). 0415212204152122According to information in the local press, cyber experts who were in charge of unlocking the device to gain access to the content caused the phone to restart and return to “factory settings”.04152122

In this way, no information that existed on the cell phone will serve as evidence in judgment. The content was considered essential for the investigation of the participation of more people in the attack and if the act had been premeditated.04152122Cristina Kirchner cumprimenta apoiadores ao deixar sua residência em Buenos Aires The vice president’s lawyer, Gregorio Dalbón, used Twitter to complain about the information. “The responsibility of the judge, the prosecutor and those who manipulated the accused’s cell phone is very serious,” he wrote.

“If the information of some journalists is confirmed, we will initiate another process against all those responsible for this major judicial ‘error’ and / or the possible aggravated cover-up”, said the person responsible for the defense of Cristina Kirchner .0415212204152122On Saturday (3), Dalbón announced that he was studying the possibility to qualify the attack as an attempt at femicide and to expand the investigation to seek accomplices, which would be possible from the analysis of Sabag Montiel’s electronic devices.04152122 04152122The Brazilian refused to provide the passwords for the cell phone that was seized in the search operation at his home, along with ammunition and a notebook.

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