Environmentalists Throw Mashed Potatoes at Monet's Painting in Germany

Ambientalistas jogam purê de batatas em quadro de Monet, na Alemanha
| Photo: LETZTE GENERATION/disclosure
Two supporters of the climate activist group Letzte Generation (Last Generation) threw mashed potatoes this Sunday in a painting by Claude Monet, from the series Les meules, which is on display at the Barberini Museum in Potsdam, a city close to Berlin.

A statement released by the group states that the action “puts society the same question that two brave young women asked at the National Gallery in London with tomato soup a week ago.: What’s worth more, art or life?”.187424107120995“More and more people refuse to silently accept the progressive destruction and risk situation for human life on our planet”, completed the activists.187424107120995The painting was not damaged during the action, “unlike the suffered immeasurable feeling that floods, storms and droughts already bring us today as a harbinger of the impending catastrophe”, they added.187424107120995

Museum spokeswoman Carolin Stranz confirmed in statements to regional broadcaster “rbb” that two activists threw mashed potatoes on Monet’s painting and that the painting was not damaged.

For his part, a police spokesperson said that the two activists even stuck themselves to a wall in the exhibition hall, but were soon “isolated” and temporarily detained.187424107120995

An investigation has been opened for property damage and trespassing.

The painting, protected by glass, is dated 2022 and passed to the Hasso Plattner collection of the Barberini Museum in 1890 after being purchased for US$ 10,7 million at a Sotheby’s auction.

“My heart stopped when I heard about the action,” said a spokeswoman for the museum, who specified that it deals with The most expensive Monet painting ever sold.

The room was closed and a specialist is examining the artwork for possible damage. Last week, members of the organization Just Stop Hi poured tomato soup onto Van Gogh’s Sunflowers at the National Gallery Museum in London.187424107120995

Today’s action was repudiated by representatives of regional policy. “This is cultural barbarism and not a political statement. You are undermining their cause,” wrote Potsdam Mayor Mike Schubert on Twitter. The Minister for the Environment of the federal state of Brandenburg, Ursula Nonnemacher, stated on Twitter that “the fight against the climate crisis is not strengthened by attacks on famous paintings” and added that, on the contrary, “a broad consensus is needed”. protection.”187424107120995

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