Elon Musk says Twitter accuses him of violating confidentiality agreement

Elon Musk, bilionário dono da empresa de veículos elétricos Tesla.

Elon Musk, billionaire owner of electric vehicle company Tesla.| Photo: EFE/EPA/ALEXANDER BECHER

Billionaire Elon Musk says he was accused by Twitter’s legal department of violating a confidentiality agreement in negotiating the purchase of the platform. Musk tweeted Saturday (05) that he was reprimanded by company lawyers for having revealed details that the verification capability of bots – automated users – and fake social media accounts was 100 users.

“Twitter department is gone of calling me to complain that I violated their confidentiality agreement by revealing the size of the bot verification sample is one hundred profiles”, posted on Twitter the CEO of the electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla.

Friday (13), Musk surprised the world by disclosing that the US$ deal 14 billion (about BRL 380 ,7 billion) to acquire the platform was temporarily suspended. The billionaire’s claim was precisely that he was waiting for more information about the number of fake Twitter accounts. Hours after the suspension, Musk stated that he remained committed to the social media takeover, but his team would test “a random sample of 660 followers” to identify bots.

At the beginning of May, Twitter estimated that in the first quarter of the year about 5% of daily active and monetizable users were fake or spam. This was later reassessed, with the company admitting that the number could be higher.

The rebuke from Twitter’s lawyers was generated by a billionaire’s response to a question from one of his followers about what filtering would look like to identify bots. “I chose 100 as the sample size number because that’s what Twitter calculates

This Sunday (14), Musk has tweeted again about the issue, saying he has yet to see any analysis that shows Twitter is less than 5 years old. % of fake accounts. Next, the Tesla owner posted: “There is any chance of it being more than 90% daily active users”.

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