Elections are approaching. TSE and STF do not tone down

We are one week away from the beginning of the electoral campaign. And less than two months before the elections. Bolsonaro and Lula consolidate themselves as the two poles of the dispute. The Third Way was just a promise.

As the election approaches, however, the STF ministers do not tone down their criticism of the president who is seeking re-election. Luís Roberto Barroso speaks of Bolsonaro as a “bad loser”. Fux talks about “far right” and threats to democracy. The press talks about a coup and even a self-inflicted attack by the right on the 7th of September.

While politicians do not dive into the campaign once and for all, the Legislature acts. In the Chamber, deputies vote for the end of inmates’ outings. At the same time, this same Congress is considering the possibility of overthrowing presidential votes and criminalizing so-called fake news. Has the role of the Legislature been overshadowed by the spotlight always focused on the Executive?

Finally, the adversative conjunction “but” became a topic of debate after part of the press started to use it with more, let’s say, spoil, always after good news. For example: you are listening to the podcast O Papo É, with Gazeta do Povo columnists Guilherme Fiuza and Rodrigo Constantino, MAS presented by Paulo Polzonoff Jr.

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