Eisenbahn and A Casa do Porco Promote Oktoberfest Delivery with 4 Kits – Full Glass

Nothing better than traditional sausages to accompany beer at Oktoberfest. Therefore, one of the best packages to celebrate the German holiday without leaving home is the one offered by Casa do Porco, by chefs Janaína and Jefferson Rueda, in partnership with Eisenbahn beer.

There are four different kits, always with the built-in (one of Jefferson’s specialties) as the protagonist, sold throughout October by iFood. The most characteristic in relation to the holiday is Brazil-Germany (photo below), which includes a pack of homemade sausage with country pork, a pack of homemade sausage, 150 g of real cured by Rueda, 150 g of homemade mortadella, a jar of organic beet pickles, a jam of caramelized onions and a jar of tucupi mustard, all accompanied by six long necks of Eisenbahn pilsen.

Anyone familiar with Hot Pork’s Big Hot Dog, also run by Rueda, is familiar with many of the ingredients described above.

Another kit is Hora Feliz, with snacks that look like happy hours like six drumsticks, six cream cheese pastries, and six meat croquettes – also paired with Eisenbahn’s six long necks. Orders can be placed on iFood, on the Cozinha Central educational canteen page, the Rueda kitchen on delivery.

The world’s biggest beer festival, Munich’s Okotberfest has been canceled this year due to the pandemic. Similar events were also canceled in Blumenau (SC) and São Paulo (SP). Also find out where to order Oktoberfest-style beers here.

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