Due to excessive ideological activism, Disney loses tax privileges in Florida

O governador da Flórida, Ron DeSantis.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.| Photo: EFE

Motivated by At the request of families concerned about Disney’s increasing efforts to promote the LGBT agenda to children and adolescents – which many consider to be child sexualization – Florida Governor Ron De Santis signed a law that eliminates administrative privileges Disney enjoyed. since when it was a small business and needed tax exemption.

The end of the relative administrative autonomy has as its context the dispute between the local government and the entertainment giant due to a new legislation entitled the Law of Parents’ Rights in Education, pejoratively called “Don’t Say Gay” by critics of the measure. The text prevents the propaganda of sexual orientation and the dissemination of controversial theories of gender in Florida’s elementary schools and directs educational institutions to avoid topics on the LGBT agenda when the age group for such discussions is not appropriate.

Disney’s progressive management reacted to the law, severely criticized the government and passed to act politically to defame the new norm. DeSantis responded: “I will not allow a California-based woke corporation (that feels morally superior) to run our state.” The Republican criticized the arrogant behavior of the company’s executives and said that Disney had already benefited from “special deals for a long time” in Florida and that it was time to pay more taxes. The company’s management has not yet officially commented on the loss of status, but legal battles are already taking place as certain.

Ron DeSantis is considered one of the names strongest of the Republican Party for the presidential race of 2024 in the United States.

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