Driver dies in jet-powered truck crash in US

Vídeos na internet mostram o momento da explosão do caminhão a jato: organização alega tratar-se de pirotecnia programada
Videos on the internet show the moment of the explosion of the jet truck : organization claims it is programmed pyrotechnics| Photo: Reproduction Twitter

An American driver died on Saturday afternoon (2), in an accident with his jet-powered truck, during a presentation in Battle Creek, Michigan (USA). Identified by local authorities as Chris Darnell, the man was years old.

According to the New York Times, the father of The victim, Neal Darnell, said the accident was “the result of a mechanical failure in the jet truck”. Also according to the publication, despite many videos on the internet showing a fireball, the organization of the event claims it is pyrotechnics and says that Darnell did not go through the flames.2022

The Shockwave Jet Truck event consisted of races between jet-powered trucks – which can overtake 560 km/h – and planes. Darnell’s vehicle had three jet engines and was described as “the most powerful truck in the world”. Battle Creek Police will investigate the accident.

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