Dori Monson Net Worth: Age, Height, Bio, Birthday, Wiki!

Dori Monson Net Worth:  The Dori Monson Show is a well-known talk radio program that is broadcast on KIRO Radio 97.3 FM in Seattle, Washington. Dori Monson is a well-known radio personality. Monson has been a mainstay of the Seattle media landscape for more than 20 years and is renowned for his passionate views and affable demeanor.

On his show, he discusses a wide range of subjects, including pop culture, local politics, and current affairs. Monson is a talented writer who has over the years written to many different publications. There’s no disputing that Dori Monson is a well-known name in the radio industry, whether you’re a lover of his work or simply want to discover more about this powerful person.

Dori Monson’s Net Worth

The net worth of an individual determines both their yearly income and level of financial freedom. Renowned radio personality Dori Monson allegedly had a net worth of $5 million. His success as a radio presenter contributed significantly to his fortune. The sources quoted on famous birthday state that the amount listed above nearly sums up his riches.

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Dori Monson Net Worth

Overview Of Dori Monson’s Background

The libertarian American radio personality Dori Monson hosts The Dori Monson Show, an afternoon discussion show on KIRO-FM in Seattle, Washington (born October 2, 1961). He also hosts pregame, postgame, and halftime shows on the Seahawks Radio Network.

His program’s primary political stance in the 1990s was first thought to be moderate. He consistently stood with then-President Bill Clinton in opposition to the conservative Republicans in control of Congress, particularly during the procedures for his impeachment following the Monica Lewinsky affair.

He revealed that he backed Al Gore for president in 2000. However, his program took a very conservative turn around the time of the September 11 attacks in 2001, enthusiastically supporting the Iraq War and deriding environmentalists as “false, global warming fanatics.” He once asked Dwight Pelz, the Democratic Party’s chairman in Washington State, if he was a communist.

Dori Monson Wife

Suzanne Monson, a freelance copywriter, is Dori’s spouse. Before being married in June 1987, they dated for some time. She worked as a staff writer for the Seattle Times for 20 years. While they were both undergrads at Washington State University, Monson courted his future wife.

The father of three girls was Dori Monson and his wife. They resided in Lake Forest Park, Washington, together with their dog. We only know the information provided by on his nuptials.

Dori Monson Net Worth

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A radio broadcaster and television personality, Dori Monson is thought to have a $5 million net worth. Monson has amassed a fortune through a number of businesses in addition to a successful journalism career.

While some may view his net worth as large, it is crucial to remember that it is the product of many years of toil and devotion to his trade. Regardless of his financial situation, Monson is still a regarded and significant character in the media, and his contributions to the business are likely to be appreciated for some time to come.

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