Disney gives financial aid to employees to change their children's gender

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Walt Disney Co. is providing employees and their children with assistance for sex reassignment and “gender affirmation” procedures through the company’s benefits program, as suggested by an internal video of the company itself.

Disney’s “benefits team” offers resources and guidelines for employees transitioning to the gender opposite, as well as information for their children who are transitioning, according to a video released by Christopher Rufo of the Manhattan Institute.

“The other big area is gender identity and expression, so we do all this work to ensure that our employees and cast can express their own gender authentically and proudly here at the company” , said a man in the video.

This video is of an internal company meeting, according to Rufo, and the panel displayed the phrases “The Walt Disney Company” and “Reimagine Tomorrow”.

“So, you know: the guidelines on how to change your photo, the information about pronouns , working with our benefits team to provide information on gender-affirming procedures to both our employees who are transitioning or transgender, as well as those with children who are transgendering,” the man continued in the video.

A Q&A document of Disney’s gender-affirming coverage released online by Fidelity Investments, who manages the Disney benefits program, appears to confirm this policy.

Disney covers “Gender Affirmation procedures” for adults and teens through Cigna, a health insurance company. The company covers hormone blockers for minors under the prescription of an endocrinologist, according to the Fidelity document.

For those who have more than 18 years, the company covers genital implants or prostheses, breast augmentation or reduction, facial feminization surgeries, vocal surgery and speech therapy, Adam’s apple shaving, pectoral delineation (chest contouring), hair removal and implantation, according to the Fidelity.

Due to state law, Disney also covers mastectomies and genital surgery for California employees, the document explains.

Disney came under attack when, the 30 in March, Rufus leaked other videos that allegedly revealed the coordinated efforts of Disney employees and corporate leaders to inject queerness in children’s programming, adding gay and transgender characters, and promoting what one employee allegedly called a “no secret gay agenda.” [Queer significa literalmente aberração e era um termo pejorativo para se referir a homens gays. Os acadêmicos criaram os Queer Studies e transformaram o termo numa abstração usada para se referir a gays, lésbicas, transexuais e toda uma sopa de letras, bem como a ideias malucas. (N. t.)]

Disney and Cigna do not responded to a request made by the Daily Caller News Foundation to comment.

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