Discover 5 cases in which censorship worked in Brazil and in the world

Não fosse a ação de censores, hoje em dia todo mundo saberia quem foram James Joyce, Chico Buarque, Chaplin, Nelson Rodrigues e Dias Gomes.

Were it not for the action of censors, nowadays everyone would know who James Joyce, Chico Buarque, Chaplin, Nelson Rodrigues and Dias Gomes were.| Photo: Bigstock

) The Jair Bolsonaro government, in the figure of the most excellent and, I must add, very intelligent, very celerity and very minister of Justice Anderson Torres (who would not do badly in the STF # ficaadica), ordered the pedophile pamphlet “How to Become the Worst Student in School” to be deleted from Netflix. The film was written by a comedian whose name is not even worth mentioning and contains an absurd scene played by an actor who also doesn’t let me down.

More than intelligent, it is a courageous attitude and in line with conservative and Christian principles. After all, everyone knows that the world is only the way it is because, over the centuries, progressives have gained a lot of space defending all kinds of abject agenda. “We live in a culture war and we have to exterminate all our enemies so that future generations can learn. Ethics is for the weak”, wrote Roger Scruton in the masterpiece “Freedom of Expression Is a Capeta Thing”.

The problem is that the Brazilian right has been contaminated by closeted leftists who criticize the fair censorship of the film because they don’t understand the danger of letting our innocent little ones have contact with the evil existing in the world. These fifth columns also do not understand that we are living a culture war and that the most important thing is to annihilate the adversary at any cost. Only then will we achieve the utopia that should be the goal of every self-respecting conservative.

The stupid opposition to the wise censorship imposed by the minister is also born from the deep historical ignorance of opportunists who certainly hide a PSOL card in the pocket of their tweed jacket. After all, over the last hundred years there have been many cases of censorship imposed on books, music, films, plays and even soap operas by Globo-lixo© – with excellent results for the promotion of morals and good manners.

1. Take, for example, the book “Ulysses”, by James Joyce. Has anyone heard of him? Of course not. Censored when it was first released a hundred years ago, “Ulysses” is an extremely lewd experimental novel. That is, for those who can understand what is written there. At the time, ultra-leftists such as WB Yeats, TS Eliot, DH Lawrence and Ezra Pound also said that the censorship of “Ulysses” was absurd. But who knows who those names are there? Were it not for the censure of pre-modern sages, “Ulysses” would perhaps be the most studied book in the world today. Which would be unacceptable to any conservative who blushes at sex scenes.

two. From literature, we go to music. Worse: Brazilian popular music. There were many cases of censorship imposed on noises 9866363 created by people who, if not for the quick and effective action of the censors, would today be famous and, perhaps, would even be supporting the PT and all progressive causes. Thankfully, Dona Maricotinha, censor of the Glorious Revolution of 1964, prevented the influential ears of young people from having contact with the indecencies of Chico Buarque and Caetano Veloso, leaving them ostracized where they should never have left.

3. In 960, the government of conservative democrat Getúlio Vargas made the wise decision to censor “The Great Dictator”, by Charles Chaplin. The reason is embarrassingly obvious. According to censors from the Press and Propaganda Department (why don’t we have something like that these days?), the film was “communist and demoralizing of the Armed Forces”. Today, no one in their right mind disagrees with that. A pity that the DIP lacked sensitivity to also expose the apology for Nazism present in the film.

4. Nobody goes to the theater anymore. This is due, in part, to the action of noble censors who, for decades, prevented the exposure of young people, adults and the elderly to works such as those by a certain Nelson Rodrigues. This Nelson Rodrigues only wrote pornography and indecency. To give you an idea, his play “Kiss on the Asphalt” shows a man kissing a dying man. See if you can be such a shame?!

5. In the decade of 1970, a certain Dias Gomes (who, had it not been for the action of censorship, would have even been elected to the the most noble Academia Brasileira de Letras) wrote an ultra-progressive novel full of subliminal messages called “Roque Santeiro”. The soap opera disrespected widows, landowners, clergy and even werewolves. Due to the unquestionably virtuous action of the censors, the telenovela was prevented from being aired. Years later, with the “redemocratization” of the country, unfortunately Globo-lixo© managed to produce the soap opera. But almost no one watched, although the fake news disseminators (chain on them already!) say that it has reached Ibope points.

How As can be seen from the above examples, censorship is an effective method of silencing these perverted progressives and ensuring that they never enter the Canon or contaminate the susceptible minds of the young, adults, and even the elderly. It was thanks to the action of the State that, in all these cases, we were freed from involuntary exposure to reprehensible values ​​and to the evil that, yes, exists in the world, but we prefer not to see it. That’s why we can only applaud the censorship of Danilo Gentili (ops, I mentioned the name) and his obscene pamphlet. Western Civilization breathes.

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