Díaz-Canel tells Putin that Russia and Cuba have the same enemy: “Yankee Empire”

The dictator of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel, said this Tuesday (), to the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, that their countries have the same enemy.

“Both Russia and Cuba are subject to sanctions (…) that proceed and originate from the same enemy, the Yankee empire, which also manipulated an important part of the world”, declared Díaz-Canel in the beginning of his meeting with Putin in the Kremlin.

Diaz-Canel, who arrived in Russia as part of an international trip, described the sanctions against the two countries as “unfair” and “arbitrary”.

“Russia can always count on Cuba”, he said, declaring himself an admirer of the “leadership” of the head of the Kremlin.

In this sense, he emphasized that the Cuban government has always condemned the sanctions imposed on Moscow by the West due to its military campaign in Ukraine.

“Our first commitment has been to continue defending the position of the Russian Federation in the face of this conflict that, we understand, was created and has your origin regret been manipulated by the US government in the face of international public opinion”, commented Diaz-Canel.

For this reason, to avoid manipulation, he asked for Putin’s speech to be released in September, when four Ukrainian regions were annexed to Russia, which he considered “very well-structured thinking”.

“You have been warning the world for a long time that NATO’s advance towards Russian borders was inadmissible. The US manipulated that situation, tried to find in war, as they always do in extraterritorial wars (…), the possibility of emerging as the great problem solver”, declared Diaz-Canel.

O Cuban leader, who will later travel to Turkey and China, conveyed to Putin the greetings of the former dictator of Cuba, Raúl Castro.

In turn, Putin also recalled that Moscow has always opposed the embargo against the island and supported his government in all kinds of situations on the international stage.

“All of this is the fruit of the traditional friendship that was cemented by comrade Fidel Castro”, he said.

Putin also defended that the two countries strengthen cooperation and recalled that their governments had drawn up plans for the development of relations by 2030.

The Russian ruler, who today inaugurated a statue of Fidel Castro in Moscow, he also recalled the meetings he had with the Cuban revolutionary leader between 2000 and 2014.

“It’s the s symbol of an entire era, the era of the national liberation movement, the end of the colonial system and the creation of our independent and sovereign States in Latin America and Africa”, he opined.

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