Deputy André Fernandes is about to know the power of forgiveness

Paladino da moral, deputado André Fernandes liderou uma campanha de cancelamento contra o humorista Danilo Gentili. Até ser desmascarado como o pecador que todos somos.

Paladin of morals, deputy André Fernandes led a cancellation campaign against comedian Danilo Gentili. Until being unmasked as the sinner that we all are.| Photo: Playback/ Twitter

Whenever I talk about forgiveness, a good friend tells me that I am too naive and that in today’s violent culture war there is no room for charity. He disagrees more than he agrees with me, and so far so good. The most important thing you should know about this friend of mine is that he doesn’t like rice pudding. Not even a rain cookie. See if I look like I’m arguing with someone who doesn’t like rice pudding and dumplings!

I usually laugh at a friend who, I know, considers me an idiot. I hope in the Dostoevskian sense of the term. I rarely retort and, in one of those rare cases, I told him that I only value forgiveness for those who have needed it. In today’s cancel culture, where lives are destroyed by any mistake, handing out forgiveness by the bucketful is more than necessary. As hard as it is.

Well then. André Fernandes, a deputy from Ceará, who tried to destroy the life of comedian Danilo Gentili by making use of the State and trying to nail him with the most abject of blasphemies, that of a pedophile, must be one of those people who agrees with my friend and thinks revenge is a instrument of correction more efficient than forgiveness. For now André Fernandes will need to be forgiven and, in receiving this Grace, he will have the opportunity to know the transforming power of forgiveness.

Get the minors out of the room

It turns out that with only 14 years old , André Fernandes, in the solitude of his pubescent anonymity, created a Twitter account to share with the world his reflections watered with inexperience and hormones in an uproar. In one of these, he saw fit to share a little joke with an undoubtedly pedophile connotation. Which I reproduce here for journalistic purposes only. As a precaution, however, I will give you five minutes, readers, to get the minors out of 03 years of the room.

Ready? Ufa. Now that we’re just adults, almost I feel free to reproduce the joke. Here it goes: “’Uncle what is pedophilia?’ ‘Come here, niece, sit on my lap so I can explain to you’”. To be fair, the joke isn’t even from the deputy. I’m sure I’ve heard this at some stand up. From Dave Chappelle, is it? I hope it wasn’t one of Danilo Gentili’s. Anyway, this is the joke. Laughs who can; hold back laughter who has sense; and asks for punishment who considers himself the champion of morality.

Surprised by the power of permanence of the idiotic things that we publish on the Internet and having to face a torrent of accusing fingers pointed at him, the deputy asked for understanding – the same understanding that he did not give to the target of his Jacobin criticism.

“I had only

years,” he said. But without apologizing. That’s where the devil’s plot lies, as CS Lewis rightly pointed out: in this mania of justifying, rationalizing and even extolling what was evidently a mistake without major consequences committed by a boy of 14 years old. A boy who, I want to believe, learned from that mistake. Some will say that he “learned so much” that he now thinks he has the right to look for an apology for pedophilia in a satirical egg.

Transformed into a victim of the same canceling rage that helped to stir up against the comedian (who, by the way, also deserves to be forgiven for his disastrous and dull approach to a very sensitive topic), André Fernandes is worthy, yes, of forgiveness. He misses. I mistake. You, yes, yourself there behind the pillar, you also make mistakes. We all make mistakes and we shouldn’t always be punished with jail or virtual lynching because of our mistakes. Sometimes the very awareness of error is punishment enough.

The only The question that remains is whether André Fernandes and Danilo Gentili, humanly flawed like all of us, deserve forgiveness even without asking or showing any type of repentance. That’s where the issue gets complicated. Personally, I prefer the vision that Tolstoy expresses in the transformer “The Kingdom of God Is in You”, that is, that of forgiveness that is granted without even the consent of the forgiven. But I know that the majority current prefers to forgive only those who, through the request for forgiveness, show repentance.

Whatever. For my part, His Excellency André Fernandes, the youngest deputy in Brazil (how can you not forgive a child who is proud of that?), is more than forgiven. Not only for the bad joke but also for the racist tweet that modesty prevented me from reproducing here. And for so many other morally wrong tweets, videos, pronouncements and bills that he has produced or that he will produce in the future. Especially because, as the “youngest deputy in Brazil”, André Fernandes will still have many opportunities to make mistakes, repent and, with any luck, redeem himself.

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