Denigrate: the objective of militancy is to humiliate and, contrary to logic, exalt the darkness

Censorship, whether official or not, is like an abortion. Which perhaps explains why the left is so fond of this expedient. The fetus, in this case, is the word that, by a series of mechanisms, is extirpated from the intellectual womb and never becomes an idea. The case of the journalist reprimanded live for using the innocent verb “to denigrate” is just one more of these horrendous abortions carried out in the public square.

And that will become more and more common. Because the censorship of certain words does not obey any lexical or racial logic. The censorship of words such as denigrate, nightstand, nhaca and even jerk (of course the bullshit couldn’t be missing!) is just and only a demonstration of strength by the “hate of good” gang. The one who wouldn’t think twice before putting a bullet in the back of the head of anyone who dares to say they did anything to their thighs.

They don’t want to educate. And they don’t care about the history of the word. The feelings of the unlikely victims of this “vocabulary violence” are not on the list of militancy concerns either. What they want is to show who’s boss. Who screams the loudest. Who has more friends on the Federal Supreme Court or on the board of directors of Twitter.

There is nothing more pornographic than a conscience that is exchanged for the acceptance of the group. And this is precisely what is seen in the case of the poor thing with the verb to denigrate, who never flogged any black in the pillory. The militancy knows that the verb is innocent, that no racist intentions can be attributed to it. The militancy knows that people denigrate it since Latin was the common language.

But there are facts that, for the militancy, do not deserve to be taken into account. Reality, for them, must conform to an artificially constructed ideal. “Are you going to believe me or what your eyes see and ears hear?” ask the revolutionary leaders. And woe to anyone who decides to believe in their own senses!

The militants of the black movement, moved by historical resentment, want to subjugate those who, in their miserable imaginations, inherited from their ancestors the desire to enslave their people. similar. They want to humiliate. They want you to apologize. They want you to bow your head. They want to put him in a trunk and flog him in the public square – exactly as happened with their ancestors, in a time that is one of the great shames of Humanity, but which fortunately is behind us.

By exalting the darkness in the light versus dark clash contained in verbs such as denigrate or clarify, it is as if the militancy assumed to prefer the pitch of bitter ignorance, abandoning once and for all the search for truth – symbolically represented by all that is clear and evident not only to the eyes, but also to the soul.

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