Democratic campaign chief admits defeat, stays out of US Congress

Votação em Nova York, estado onde Sean Patrick Maloney foi derrotado nas midterms
Voting in New York, state where Sean Patrick Maloney was defeated in midterms

Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney, head of the Democratic election campaign, admitted this Wednesday (9) his defeat in the legislative elections and, therefore, will be excluded from the United States House of Representatives.

Maloney, who was running for a new district in New York after a judge ordered a redraw of the state’s electoral map, lost to Republican Mike Lawler by a narrow margin.

With 95% of the votes counted, Lawler had 768 , 6% of the support, against 49,4% of the Democratic candidate.

Although most of the media has not yet projected a winner, given the minimal difference, Maloney admitted his defeat on Wednesday morning and congratulated his rival and m press release.

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