DD Returns OTT release date: When and where to watch this Horror Comedy starring Santhanam, Surbhi

S Prem Anand, who has worked closely with Santhanam for a long time, offers a winning performance in his debut film as director. DD Returns, the third film in the Dhilluku Dhuddu (Glory for Guts, 2016) franchise, is a horror-comedy that, for the most part, succeeds as a result of its comedians scoring prominently in the film’s second half. Despite the fact that the movie is a part of the Dhillukku Dhuddu franchise, for some inexplicable reason, it is being marketed under the name “Dare Demons.”

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DD Returns OTT Release Date

DD Returns is all set to be premiered on 01 September 2023 on Zee5.

I understand if you love horror but are afraid of ghosts and creepy soundtracks. Horror comedies save the day. Horror comedy spiritual successors are nothing new in Kollywood. Raghavan Lawrence’s Kanchana and Sundar C’s Aranmanai have produced enjoyable sequels (well, not Aranmanai 3).

But none have achieved what DD Returns did. Its new ideas defy its predecessors’ conventions and formats. The only similarities between the three films are Santhanam, Maaran, and Naan Kadavul Rajendran. Perhaps that’s why the title’s DD makes a brilliant play on Dilluku Dhuddu and “Dare Demons”.

The digital premiere of DD Returns, the most recent horror comedy starring actor Santhanam, is likely to happen. S.Prem Anand is the director of DD Returns, the third installment in the Dhilluku Dhuddu series.

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Rambhala wrote and directed the first two films in the franchise. Santhanam is now known as Kollywood’s own “scream king” thanks to the franchise. Given that it has its own fan base, it has turned into a surefire way for the actor to make money at the box office.

OTT users will be able to watch the Santhanam and Redin Kingsley-starring movie “DD Returns.” According to the most recent reports, it will debut on September 1st on Zee5.

When and Where to Watch DD Returns

You can watch this horror comedy on Zee5 from 01 September 2023.

In the third Diilluku Dhuddu horror comedy, debutant Prem Anand knows the world he’s creating. A family plays a “win or run” escape room game in a French castle in the first scene. You die in this game if you don’t solve a hint, but you get locked in the chamber otherwise.

The higher prize is 50X your stake if you win. The villagers kill the nasty family, whose child enjoys hunting humans. Without sappy passages that make you sympathise with the dead, DD Returns starts on a better note and keeps the rhythm.

For the newest installment, Rambhala ceded control of the brand to Prem Anand. It is unknown why the director was replaced or if he would return to direct the projects’ further installments.

Ramesh Kumar is the financier of DD Returns through his production company, RK Entertainment. Hari Dinesh and NB Srikanth handled the action choreography and editing, respectively, while ofRo provided the music.

The first film Santhanam released in 2023 was DD Returns. He was also quite optimistic about the film. Prior to the film’s theatrical debut, Santhanam made a pledge that it would appeal to a family audience. He added that this movie might be enjoyed by children as well as adults.

What’s the story of DD Returns

To elude the authorities who are on their trail, the main character Santhanam and his companions decide to store a suitcase containing jewels, money, and other plunder in a haunted bungalow.

When they go to fetch the bag, a family of ghosts who had lived in the bungalow and used to own it challenges them to a game of survival in order for them to be able to take the bag with them (alive). If the mortals fail to win this game night, they will be forced to remain even against their will, but if they do win, they will be allowed to depart with their things and be free to go.

Cast & Crew of DD Returns

The comedy horror drama film stars Santhanam, Surbhi, and Redin Kingsley in the lead roles and also has an ensemble cast including Lollu Sabha Maaran, Pradeep Rawat, Masoom Shankar, Rajendran, Munishkanth, Sai Dheena, Deepa Shankar, Swaminathan, Saidai Sethu, Lollu Sabha Manohar, Cool Suresh, Bipin, Thanga Durai, and Manasvi Kottachi in the supporting role.

DD Returns OTT release date

S.Prem Anand wrote the script and ran the show. OfRo makes up the music. Dipak Kumar Padhy is in charge of photography, and N. B. Srikanth is in charge of editing.

Tamil cinema is difficult for comedians to become heroes. Santhanam has struggled to escape the clutter. Every Gulu Gulu, he has a Parris Jayaraj behind him. He always has a Dhillukku Dhuddu-type film ready after an Agent Kannayiram.

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This keeps his ‘market’ afloat when his ‘experiments’ fail. Seeing him effortlessly direct a DD-type picture shows that he knows his strengths yet wants to do Gulu Gulus and Agent Kannayirams. Santhanam is a rare Tamil hero, and his innovations will eventually find takers. DD will remain until then.

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