Dave Chappelle show canceled after online petition accuses him of transphobia


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O comediante Dave Chappelle, acusado de transfobia:
Comedian Dave Chappelle, accused of transphobia: “gender is a fact”| Photo: EFE/EPA/WARREN
The prestigious First Avenue venue in Minneapolis (USA) canceled a Dave Chappelle show just hours before the start of the performance on Wednesday (15), alleging criticism from “employees, artists and the community” over the comedian’s alleged transphobic jokes. The announcement was made through the social media of the show house. The show was moved to the Varsity Theatre, which already had Chappelle performances scheduled for Thursday and Friday and promised to honor the tickets sold for Wednesday’s performance.

Released on Monday (12), the more than 1.315 tickets to the Chappelle’s show on First Avenue sold out within minutes, according to press reports. Soon after, a petition from

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