Das Ka Dhamki OTT release date: When and where to watch this action flick starring Vishwak Sen

Das Ka Dhamki, Vishwak Sen’s latest starrer and directorial will now be available for streaming on the Aha platform from April 14 onwards. The film, which also stars Nivetha Pethuraj, Hyper Aadi, Rao Ramesh, Mahesh Achanta, and Ajay, was released on March 22. The film, made on a budget of 30 crores earned 22 crores in lifetime gross collections.

Das Ka Dhamki OTT Release Date

Das Ka Dhamki will be premiered on Aha Video on 14 April 2023.

Vishwak Sen is finally able to release Das Ka Dhamki after a very eventful 2022. The director has made no secret that he has poured his whole budget and all of his excitement into his second directorial effort, and he has not been shy about admitting this.

The usage of doppelgangers is a common plot device in Telugu movies; recent examples include Amigos, Gautam Nanda, Jai Lava Kusa, Khaidi No.150, Vikramarkudu, and Billa, among many more; the list could go on and on. This convention is adhered to by Das Ka Dhamki, and the movie makes use of all of the devices typically seen in films of this genre. It is important to highlight the fact that Ravi Teja’s Dhamaka, which was written by the film’s Prasanna Kumar and was his most recent picture, is included on this list.

The writing of Prasanna can be rather entertaining at times. In particular, the portion of the dialogue involving the sidekicks Hyper Aadi and Mahesh is packed with puns and punch lines. Even though it drags on a little bit, the scenario during the intermission is well portrayed. 

When and Where to Watch Das Ka Dhamki

You can watch this action flick on Amazon Prime Video from 14 April 2023.

The second half of the show is packed with unexpected turns and character swaps to maintain the audience’s interest. On the other hand, we might have seen the events coming a mile away. Visually, the portion of the story that serves as a coda and sets the stage for a sequel is really interesting. It’s possible the rest of the movie, but this one has the most creative moment.

The music created by Leon James is passable. The song “Almost Padipoyinde” has a hook that really sticks in your head.

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The extremism that Sanjay Rudra possesses doesn’t come off as particularly credible. The drama involving the members of the family, which does not have a proper purpose or explanation, continues to drag the momentum down. It is never made clear what is expected to be accomplished within the allotted 10 days. The writing for this movie is a mess.

What’s the story of Das Ka Dhamki

The film Das Ki Dhamki tells the narrative of an orphan named Krishna Das, played by Vishwak Sen, who is employed as a server in a hotel. His buddies and family are his coworkers, who are portrayed by Hyper Aadi and ‘Rangasthalam’ Mahesh, respectively. Das despises the servile existence of a poor guy but is confident that he will not end his life in such a manner.

Das Ka Dhamki OTT release date

Following an embarrassing exchange with one of the hotel’s guests, he persuades his friends to visit the same hotel as paying guests in order to have lunch there and receive the level of service that one would expect to receive if they were paying customers. During the dinner, he has a chance encounter with Keerthi, played by Nivetha Pethuraj, who takes him for a wealthy man. Through a series of unfortunate events, Keerthi comes to the conclusion that he is actually Sanjay Rudra, the chief executive officer of the multibillion-dollar corporation SR Pharma.

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Das makes a solemn oath to preserve this respect and makes the decision to wed Keerthi. His pals are always trying to convince him that their condition is hopeless and that he should forget about his pipe dreams. They also request that he reveal the truth to Keerthi and end all of this unnecessary turmoil. Das is so consumed by his feelings that he cannot succeed. Although he is trying to persuade himself that Keerthi loves him for who he is, she discovers the truth about his identity.

Cast & Crew of Das Ka Dhamki

The attempt at action made by Vishwak Sen feels forced, and there is not much diversity in it. It is primarily dependent on one-upmanship that is accomplished through the use of predictable situations. Nivetha Pethuraj injects an air of glitz and beauty into an otherwise mundane role. The results are in, and Hyper Aadi and Mahesh have delivered. Another brief appearance by Tharun Bhasker is easily forgotten.

The cinematography done by Dinesh K Babu is quite sophisticated, and the overall appearance of the film is very appealing in each and every shot. The editing is not up to standard. The quality of the production is ridiculously high.

Acting in a movie while also directing it is a very challenging job. Das Ka Dhamki showcased Vishwaksen’s acting abilities to a high standard, but the filmmaker was unable to fully captivate audiences with his work. It is clear that there is potential, but unfortunately, it was not successfully conveyed on the screen. Not only do the twists appear to be contrived, but they can also be anticipated without any difficulty. The second part required a greater degree of care. But, the manner in which Vishwaksen induced comedy is rather good.

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