Daniella Perez case: 30 years later, tragedy returns to spectacle


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Daniella Perez, daughter of writer Glória Perez, had only 22 years ago and was a rising star in Rede Globo’s teledramaturgy. In the novel “De Corpo e Alma”, written by her mother, Daniella, in the role of Yasmim, she was part of a love triangle that involved Guilherme de Pádua, in the role of Bira. This story had everything to be another successful serial. Until fiction and reality were confused and Guilherme/Bira killed Daniella/Yasmim.

It may be difficult for young people to understand this, but the murder of Daniella Perez really moved the entire country. In the last days of 89, the crime overshadowed even the resignation by Fernando Collor de Mello. Thirty years later, the case is reconstituted in the series “Brutal Pact: The Assassination of Daniella Perez”, a hit on HBO Max. And theme of this episode of Quarantine Cult.

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