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Cuba sent troops to Mexico to prevent doctors from fleeing to the US, says NGO



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Javier Larrondo, president of Prisoners Defenders, said there is no evidence that 40 people identified by Cuba as specialist doctors and sent to the state Mexicans from Naiarite are really health professionals| Photo: EFE/Sáshenka Gutiérrez

Cuba sent it last month 40 military personnel to the Mexican state of Naiarite who would pretend to be doctors through an agreement to reinforce health care in the North American country – along the lines of the Mais Médicos program, developed in Brazil.

The information was released at a press conference in the City from Mexico from the NGO Prisoners Defenders this Thursday (20), in which information about irregularities in the agreement signed between the Mexican government and the dictatorship was presented Castro.

According to information from the Infobae news site, Javier Larrondo, president of the NGO, said that there is no evidence that these 40 people identified by Cuba as special doctors lists are actually health professionals and would actually be military personnel sent with the aim of preventing the real doctors who were already in Mexico from fleeing to the United States.

The investigation by Prisoners Defenders pointed out that Cuba has been sending health doctors from the family and nurses, who receive training for just a few days and are titled as specialists, “a large-scale fraud that has been putting the health of patients at risk”, the NGO stressed in a statement.

Dita Charanzova, Vice-President of the European Parliament , said in an online entry that medical brigades represent the Cuban government’s biggest source of revenue and that these professionals working abroad are targets of persecution, modern slavery and threats. More of 80% of his payments go to the Cuban regime, while “doctors live in poverty”, he said.

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