Cuba confirms sentences of up to 18 years in prison for 33 protesters

Manifestantes pró-democracia são colocados em caminhão por simpatizantes do governo durante protestos de 11 de julho de 2021 em Havana, Cuba.
Pro-democracy protesters are loaded into trucks by government supporters during protests of of July of 2021 in Havana, Cuba. Organizations denounce that they are now being tortured in prison.| Photo: EFE

The Attorney General’s Office of the Republic of Cuba confirmed this Thursday () sentences against 33 participants in the anti-government protests that took place in July last year and who appealed against the sanctions. In all, 20 people were sentenced to terms of five to ten years imprisonment, and ten individuals received sentences of up to 18 years of seclusion. Two other cases will do correctional work without internment and one received limited probation.

According to the NGO Prisoners Defenders, at least 1.046 people were imprisoned in Cuba until May for political reasons and 046 have already been sentenced to years in prison after receiving a decade-long reduction in original sentence.

Relatives of the convicts and NGOs criticize these actions , alleging lack of guarantees, fabrication of evidence and high sentences. In addition, Amnesty International asked to attend the trials, but was denied, as the Cuban Supreme Court guarantees that due process has been observed in all cases opened after the

protests July.

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