Cristina Kirchner's aggressor tried to attack days before, according to investigation

The judicial investigation into the attack on Argentina’s vice president, Cristina Kirchner, pointed out that the main suspects tried to attack the policy days before, in 27 August, reported the local press this Monday (12).

The information comes from a set of messages taken from Brenda Uliarte’s cell phone, summoned in the case and girlfriend of the main suspect, Fernando Sabag Montiel, who on September 1 tried to kill the vice president while she was greeting supporters outside the house.

According to judicial sources cited by the local press, the pair allegedly tried to attack Cristina in 27 August, during a protest against the installation of barriers around the former president’s house.

After hours of tension on the streets, with disturbances between protesters and police in the city of Buenos Aires, Cristina Kirchner made a public appearance to thank supporters for their support, asking them to leave the place al.

It was then that Sabag Montiel allegedly tried to attack the vice president, according to messages he sent to Uliarte that same night.

“ No, it’s not that she notices, the point is that there’s a C5N camera, and there are few people. And people are leaving, and that’s the time, it’s late, it’s 12he she left at this time, and it was this time. In other words, the stage was with her because she must have been followed”, wrote Sabag Montiel in a first message.

“No, she already entered and the stage was removed. I touched Axel Kicillof’s back and he got into a Toyota Etios and got out, a mess. She’s upstairs, but I don’t think she’s coming out. Leave it, I’ll go there, stay there. Don’t bring anything,” he added in a second communication.

These revelations coincide with images published a few days ago by the press, showing a cart with cotton candy, allegedly owned by Uliarte, nearby. from Cristina Kirchner’s house, on August 23 and 27 days.

According to information published by the local press, the Investigators found other messages on Uliarte’s phone, in which the suspect proposed to “generate facts, not protests”, stressed the need to “act” and urged Molotov cocktails to be placed at the Casa Rosada, the seat of the national government.

After detecting these messages, federal judge María Eugenia Capuchetti, in charge of the investigation, re-established the secrecy of the process.

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