Cristina Kirchner returns to social networks after attack and criticizes newspaper editorial

The vice president of Argentina, Cristina Kirchner, returned this Monday (12) to social networks, from which she had been absent since hours before the attack she suffered on September, and linked the editorial of a newspaper to “hate speeches” pointed out as reasons for the attack by the ruling party.

A also former president (2007-2015) published the cover of the Argentine newspaper Clarín on Twitter and highlighted the title of the editorial in red: “The bullet that didn’t come out and the decision that will come out”, in reference to the attack from which he emerged unharmed and the trial that is responding for possible irregularities in the concession of public works during their mandates.

Cristina was attacked on September 1, when a man of Brazilian nationality who has been living for 20 for years in the country tried, without success, to fire a gun twice inches from her face, while the vice president greeted supporters who were holding a vigil in front of her house, in the neighborhood of Recoleta, in Buenos Aires.

The last time she was seen in public was the day after the attack, when she left her house and briefly greeted supporters who were outside the building.

The attack on Cristina Kirchner took place in a context of strong political tension between the ruling party and the opposition, which has grown since 22 in August, when a prosecutor asked for a prison sentence. 12 years in prison for the vice-president, in addition to perpetual disqualification from holding public office, in the context of the trial for corruption.

Na On the same night as the attack, Argentine President Alberto Fernández declared that democratic coexistence was “broken by the hate speech that spread through different political, judicial and media spaces”.

Since then, several leaders linked to Cristina linked the processing of cases in Justice and the attack suffered by the vice president with the “stigmatization” and “disqualification” carried out in the media and even proposed a law to regulate “hate speech”, although it was later dropped.

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