Cristina Kirchner reappears in public to the cries of “president”

Argentina’s vice president, Cristina Kirchner, reappeared this Friday (4th) in her first major public act since the attack she suffered two months ago. Hailed as “Cristina presidenta”, she declared that it is possible to repeat the “bonanza” of her two terms (between the years of 2007-2015) and called for an end to the “lie of those outraged for rent”, alluding to the possible involvement of supporters of Mauricio Macri’s administration in financing acts against the government.

“I will do the what has to be done so that our people, our society, can organize themselves into a country project that once again recovers the hope, strength and joy of our people”, he declared at the end of a speech of more than 40 minutes in the closing act of the regional congresses of the Metallurgists Union (UOM), in the city of Pilar, in the province of Buenos Aires, with a strong security system.

In her speech, Cristina defended both her management and that of her husband, the late Néstor Kirchner (2003-2007), and listed achievements of both governments. “We recovered the middle class in Argentina. It is possible to do this because we have already done it”, said Cristina, who also blamed the government of Mauricio Macri (2015-2019) due to the current situation of the country, which faces inflation of 85% and a poverty rate of 39,5 %.

She returned to her attempts to distance herself from the current president, Alberto Fernández, by asking the country’s Executive to establish a fixed budget for workers: “the government has to intervene in the distribution income as we did during our governments”. On the other hand, she highlighted in her speech the “great effort” of the Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, who took office after the crisis caused by the departures of her predecessors Martín Guzmán, strongly criticized by her, and Silvina Batakis.

Cristina Kirchner spoke of the “need for an economic consensus” between political parties, unions and business confederations to “discuss at the table the country model to exit the bi-monetary economy”.

The Argentine vice-president returned to a platform with an audience for the first time since September 1, when she suffered an assassination attempt, for which three people are detained.

Cristina recalls the attack and talks about macrista leaders

Also this Friday, Cristina Kirchner pointed out “businessmen linked to macrismo”, in reference to former president Mauricio Macri, as the perpetrators of the attack suffered two months ago. “These supposed indignant and indignant people who attacked, who insulted, who threw lit torches at the Casa Rosada (headquarters of the Executive) were not indignant. They were people paid by businessmen who identified with the previous government”, said the vice president.

Cristina also said that people who protest against the current administration “are paid millions of pesos for that”, although she later acknowledged that “it doesn’t mean that there aren’t people outragedwith what is happening” in the country.

During her speech at the metallurgists’ act, Cristina recalled the attack she suffered amid demonstrations at the doors of her house after a request for condemnation of 12 years in prison for alleged corruption in the two terms in which he was president. The current vice president declared that he had not noticed the movement of the author of the attack or the presence of the fire, which could be noticed in the footage of television crews. “I didn’t realize the weapon they were wielding and that they intended, in fact, to blow my head off”, he said. In addition, he commented that he is “resigned” to the Justice: “she did not will investigate nothing because I serve as a defendant, but not as a victim of this judicial party.”

The Argentine Justice, in addition to indicting the material authors of the September 1 attack, sued in another case four young members of the Federal Revolution group, known for their criticism of the government and threats to the vice president.

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