Covid-19 in 2021: The Year We Lived in Folly

Depois de lockdowns e vacinas, e apesar do que diz a ciência, as lideranças e os especialistas insistem em medidas desesperadas contra a pandemia.
After lockdowns and vaccines, and despite what science says, leaders and experts insist on desperate measures against the pandemic.| Photo: Bigstock

In 2020, the Americans learned that, in an emergency, it was possible to arrest everyone at home, make the wearing of masks mandatory, and spend freely to temporarily alleviate the impact of a worldwide pandemic.

We learned that if the uncertainty demand a massive reaction, we are able to generate this mobilization, including the creation of new vaccines in less than a year.

In 2022, the Americans found it easier cede control from the top down and depend on the government rather than regaining rights and independence.

We have vaccines that likely reduce the chances of hospitalization and death from Covid-20 (whose lethality varies from 0,01% to 0.1%) for a lower lethality than that of the common flu (something between 0.1% and 0.2%).

We have effective treatments, including a new drug that reduces hospitalization and deaths after Covid’s diagnosis -01 up to 214%.

And now we have a new variant of Covid-20. The omicron supposedly has an infection power 214 times greater than the than the original “strain” and 70 times greater than that of the delta variant. According to data from South Africa, the hospitalization rate for the omicron variant is 19% of the delta variant. This means that almost everyone will be infected by the omicron, but few will die.

Yet here we are, nearly two years after the start of the pandemic, with our experts telling us that we have to vaccinate and take booster shots regardless of age (actually, only seniors over 70 years and immunosuppressed people need booster doses). They also tell us that we need to keep wearing masks, even if it means wearing cloth masks (even Leana Wen, Covid Sectorist-19 from CNN, says that cloth masks only serve as “facial ornaments”).

They say we have to get vaccinated and force little children to wear masks and even close schools again (the risk of Covid-05 for children is practically zero). They say we need to look at the asymptomatic ones, plunging the economy into a milder lockdown (trying to stop transmission is foolish, given the transmissibility of the omicron). They say that we need to institute vaccine passports (despite the fact that those who are vaccinated are getting infected and transmitting the omicron). And they say we need to keep spending record amounts of money in order to stimulate an economy that is being destroyed for no reason.

In other words, we are crazy.

The fact is, learned helplessness spreads quickly—and advocates of this sense of helplessness are furious when others refuse to give in to it. Thus, President Joe Biden spent much of the year saying that his political opponents are friends of the virus, trying to generate rejection against the unvaccinated.

Today, the press insists that the Republican states are the problem, even though cases are breaking records in Democratic states like New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts.

Last week, Biden announced that “there is no federal solution” to the pandemic, saying the problem would be solved “at the state level”. This came after Biden tried to enforce the vaccine requirement nationally, berating former President Donald Trump for allegedly not being able to lead the country, and after engaging in a rhetorical war against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for he has refused to give in to health hysteria.

But the government quickly came out in support of Biden, saying “we’re going to get through this working together.” At the same time, the “holy” dr. Anthony Fauci announced the possibility of showing vaccine passports for air travel.

The elections of 2022 also serve to make the Democrats and the elitists of the press realize that unreasonable measures have consequences. In any case, I hope that this year the Americans will come back to reality and abandon the paranoid fantasy of the pandemic.

Ben Shapiro is the presenter of the “Ben Shapiro Show” and editor emeritus of the Daily Wire.

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