Court authorizes Idaho, in the US, to ban abortion in almost all cases

The Court of Idaho, USA, authorized the state government to maintain the abortion ban.

| Photo: Unsplash


The Supreme Court of the state of Idaho, in the northwest of the USA, ruled this Friday (06) in favor of the Republican state government by allowing the application of a law that prohibits abortion in almost all cases. With three votes to two, the state court denied a request by the Planned Parenthood group to block the law from taking effect on the day. of August.

In addition to Planned Parenthood, on August 2, US Attorney General Merrick Garland announced another lawsuit against Idaho, alleging that the state’s anti-abortion law “criminalizes doctors.” The Department of Justice sued Idaho alleging that the state would be in violation of the Federal Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act.

This was the Department of Justice’s first action against a state since the Supreme Court struck down the “Roe v. Wade” abortion ruling in June, leaving the legislation to the states. At a news conference, Garland said the The US federal government’s reproductive rights working group created after the Supreme Court ruling is working to assess “the changes in state laws” and that “additional litigation” against other states is already being studied.

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