Conspiracyists are coming. Conspiracyists are coming

O conspiracionismo se baseia na ideia niilista de que Deus está ausente (ou no exílio ou ainda morto) e Seu poder foi usurpado por homens malvadões.

Conspiracyism is based on the nihilistic idea that God is absent (either in exile or still dead) and His power has been usurped by evil men.| Photo: Bigstock


The alchemists sought to turn any junkyard into gold. A contemporary version of these “sages” who believed themselves to be gods, conspirators today seek to transform any event (even better if it is tragic) into a great plot by a few “who control the world”. For the conspirator, we are pawns in a game that only he, with his incalculable intelligence, sees.

My first contact with the conspirators was in 2006. It was the fifth year since the attack on the Twin Towers in New York, and I was there to see what would happen. What happened was that a group of conspiracyists, disrespecting the pain of the victims’ families gathered in the crater where the World Trade Center used to be, decided to picket in order to show the ignorant world The Truth. That is, the attacks had been the work of the US government itself.

“Just don’t see those who don’t want to!”, shouted the protesters. And it is interesting to note that, whatever the subject, only the conspiracyist, with his extraordinary ability to understand reality, perceives the details, the clues left behind by those supervillains who plan the Kennedy assassination, pretend to have gone to the moon and two skyscrapers in New York implode just to… What for?

Deep down, conspiracyists are really optimists. After all, they believe in the incredible talent of a few to devise extremely complex strategies, obtain virtually unlimited funding and even coerce thousands of collaborators, in all spheres of the conspiracy hierarchy, to remain silent. Or rather, semi-silence, since every self-respecting conspiracy leaves behind a trail to lure João and Maria to the house of the Witch of Paranoia.

But what does the seductive power of a conspiracy lie in? In the triumph of the will. Or, translating it into a language that everyone has heard from their mother, in the possibility that, once the theory is proven, being able to rub in the other’s face the Truth that only the conspiracyist (“everybody said I was crazy”) was able to to see. The worst thing is that this sometimes happens, as in the case of the São Paulo Forum, the conspiracy-that-was-not-conspiracy.

Of course there is always the possibility that I am writing these things just because I had a chip implanted in my brain when I took both doses of the Covid vaccine-. There’s also the slightly less likely possibility that I’m talking about conspiracyists because George Soros just deposited, let me see, my God, I’ve never seen a 1 followed by so many zeros in my life! Even less, but not negligible, is the possibility of me being Soros himself writing while I use one of those silicone masks to pretend to be a chronicler from Curitiba.

Because that’s how the conspiracy theorizes: on the assumption that the other has already been brainwashed (and doesn’t even realize), that he is being financed by a evil conspirator who forces him to shut up or who lives a life of lies.

Not for nothing, in the first paragraph me and my neurons, in a macabre collusion that only you who wear a metal hat noticed, use the word “gods”. Conspiracyism is based on the nihilistic idea that God is absent (or in exile, as the Gnostics want; or dead), and His power has been usurped by men who gather around a table and determine: now we will do this and that in order to exterminate the population. Just for fun. Or for a few billion more. And let out that laugh!

(Warning! This text will self-destruct in three, two, one).

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